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National Pepper Pot Day

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Where is National Pepper Pot Day celebrated?  

It is celebrated in the United States.

Who is National Pepper Pot Day celebrated by?

 All soup lovers and food lovers celebrate National Pepper Pot Day.

When did National Pepper Pot Day first start?

 It is still unknown when this day was first started, but on December 29, 1777, pepper pot soup was first prepared to feed George Washington's Continental Army during the American Revolution.

Who started National Pepper Pot Day?

It is believed that Continental Army's chef and baker, Christopher Ludwick, invented pepper pot soup from scraps of tripe, meat, vegetables, peppercorn, and seasonings, but who started National Pepper Pot Day is still unknown.

A bowl of hot and spicy soup is a perfect winter diet to ward off sniffles and chills.

History And Timeline

A starter of warm spicy soup served before a meal makes for a happy lunch and it can be served hot or cold with sweet or savory flavor. Let's find out about a famous soup that rejuvenated George Washington's Army troops during the Revolutionary War. 


First Pepper Pot Soup

Evidence shows that the first pepper pot soup to appear in print was in 1698, a Caribbean version that did not include tripe when black colonial women served it at street markets. Slaves and freedmen then brought this recipe to Philadelphia.


Pepper Pot Soup For Army Troops

Christopher Ludwick invented the pepper pot soup on December 29, 1777, to feed the starving army troops during the American War of Independence. This food gave warmth and strength to the troops during the harsh winters in 1777-1778.


Canned Pepper Pot Soup Sold

Campbell's Soup Company developed the canned version of this soup in 1899. It was developed by one of its employees, John T. Dorrance.


Campbell Soup Company Discontinues Pepper Pot Soup.

After selling the soup for over 100 years, Campbell Soup Company discontinued selling pepper pot soup in 2010 due to a decrease in demand.


Pepper Pot Soup's 244th birthday

This historic dish marked its 244th birthday on December 29, 2021. It still reminds us of Philadelphia's history and the harsh winter the troops were able to survive by relying on this soup.

Traditions And Customs

In America, people visit the Philadelphia Museum of Art to see the display of the famous painting 'Pepper Pot: A Scene in the Philadelphia Market' by John Lewis Krimmel. You can also visit Valley Forge National Historical Park to learn about the army troops in Valley Forge and the history behind this soup. 

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National Pepper Pot Day

Try your hand at making your own version of pepper pot soup with any available meat, vegetables, spices, and peppers. Host a lavish lunch to celebrate and eat hot pepper pot stew with your family and friends. After you eat, share your unique recipe on social media.

Facts And Stats

  • Though this recipe is on the brink of extinction, several US culinary historians are trying to revive the popularity of this soup and give it a new life.
  • Pepper pot soup was treated the same way we treat cheesesteaks, pretzels, and hoagies these days.
  • You can spot several purveyors serving this authentic dish in streets and taverns.

FAQs About National Pepper Pot Day

What is the significance of National Pepper Pot Day?

It reminds us of the American army troops' struggle and hardships during the American War of Independence.

How is National Pepper Pot Day different from National Homemade Soup Day?

National Pepper Pot Day commemorates the thick soup prepared during the Revolutionary War for the continental army. In contrast, National Homemade Soup Day celebrates soups made at home that are regionally available.

What is special about National Pepper Pot Day?

This special day celebrates the pepper pot soup nicknamed 'the soup that won the war,' which encouraged the American troops with flagging spirit.

What is the history and origin of National Pepper Pot Day?

Pepper pot soup has its origin in Philadelphia.

Who invented pepper pot soup?

Christopher Ludwick invented pepper pot soup from scraps of meat, vegetables, and spices on December 29.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
December 29, 2020 Tuesday
December 29, 2021 Wednesday
December 29, 2022 Thursday
December 29, 2023 Friday
December 29, 2024 Sunday

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