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National Pet Obesity Awareness Day

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Where is National Pet Obesity Awareness Day observed?

The USA observes National Pet Obesity Awareness Day every year on the second Wednesday of October for the overweight pets of the country and their unhealthy food habits.

Who is National Pet Obesity Awareness Day observed by?

People all around America, especially pet lovers and veterinary clinics doctors, observe this day to bring attention to the growing obesity in pets.

When did National Pet Obesity Awareness Day first start?

There is no record as to when exactly the celebration of this day started, but the first survey report by Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP) was in 2007.

Who started National Pet Obesity Awareness Day?

It was the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention who started National Pet Obesity Awareness Day looking at the reports gathered through the survey about the clinically overweight pets in America.

Limit the number of treats and avoid giving table scraps to help your pet lose a few pounds.

History And Timeline

What was the need to start this day? What events led to this day and all such questions can only be answered by looking at history. So, under this section, we will be looking at the timeline that led to this celebration nationally.


Guinness World Record Cancelled

While earlier Guinness World Records were provided to the heaviest pet, soon the committee realized their contribution to the unhealthy upbringing of the pets and canceled this award altogether.


The First Survey

It was during 2007 when APOP gained the first data through the survey held for denoting the rise in pet obesity.


Pet Epidemic

It was during this year that pet obesity was declared an epidemic with pets getting larger than ever before.


The best downhill journey

In 2013, the heaviest pet named Obie, a Dachshund went from 75 lb (34 kg) to lose 50 lb (22.7 kg) supporting the cause of this day and encouraging other pet parents to make their fur babies lose weight.


Virtual Veterinary Clinics

Due to COVID-19, veterinarians started offering online consultations and the latest news related to the exercise requirements of pets.

Traditions And Customs

The traditions and customs associated with National Pet Obesity Awareness Day are a symbol of why it is important and why pet owners need to keep an eye on their pet's weight. Regular veterinarian clinic visits are important to track a pet's health and to help with weight loss.

Obesity is increasing at a tremendous rate, which is a risk for pets, like dogs, as it leads to high blood pressure. APOP is trying hard to bring attention to this issue and encourage weight loss in pets. In 2013, cats were found to be heavier than ever before. Thus, the aim is to get active participation from pet owners especially on this day.

Obesity can be a contributor to severe health issues. Obesity similar to humans can cause some hazardous health problems in pets, like high blood pressure. This reduces their life expectancy, can cause chronic inflammations, and reduce their quality of life. Thus, APOP raises awareness of these issues and encourages pet owners to do what is best for the health of their pets. If weight loss is required it is encouraged to follow an exercise plan and strict meal plans.

The main tradition is to spread awareness, and knowledge to everyone. There are webinars, events, and surveys held that you can attend with your dogs.

Ways To Observe National Pet Obesity Awareness Day

While we understand the importance of this day, the history associated with it, and many other things, it's time to look at the ways you can observe or contribute to this National Pet Obesity Awareness Day.

Spread awareness to the best of your ability. On this day, make a point to share all the factual information and data about pet food that you can conjure with the people you know.

Take your pet to a veterinarian for a check-up and avoid unhealthy treats.

Indulge in physical activities with your pet. Take your pet on a walk, run, or to a local dog park to keep them healthy.

Start a healthy diet plan for your pet. Make sure you don’t give them too much food. Your dog’s food should contain all the necessary nutrients but should have low amounts of fat to prevent weight gain. Healthy treats should be offered in moderation.

Facts And Stats

  • America observes National Pet Obesity Awareness Day to bring attention to the health of pets, especially the growing rate of obesity in cats and dogs.
  • APOP is trying to bring attention and awareness among pet owners and avoid this growing risk of pet obesity through this day.
  • This national day is observed across the US by all pet owners.

FAQs About National Pet Obesity Awareness Day

What percentage of pets are obese in the US?

According to the records, in the USA the obesity rate of cats is 59.5% while for dogs the percentage is 55.8%.

How many dogs in the UK are obese?

There are a lot of overweight dogs in the UK. As per the reports, one dog in every 14 dogs in the UK is obese.

When is National Pitbull Awareness Day?

National Pitbull Awareness Day is observed on October 26.

Who started National Pet Obesity Awareness Day?

Association for Pet Obesity Prevention seems to be the one who initiated the National Pet Obesity Awareness Day in America for overweight pets.

What is the significance of National Pet Obesity Awareness Day?

National Pet Obesity Awareness Day is observed every year to bring the attention of the pet owners towards the health and diet issues of their pets as there is a tremendous increase in obesity in pets over the last few years. The Guinness Association also stopped giving records for the heaviest pet to discourage overweight pets.

When was the first time National Pet Obesity Awareness Day was observed?

Records are missing about when this national day came into existence but the very first survey to discover the obesity issues among pets was done in 2007.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
October 14, 2020 Wednesday
October 13, 2021 Wednesday
October 12, 2022 Wednesday
October 11, 2023 Wednesday
October 09, 2024 Wednesday

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