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National Pharmacy Week

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Where is Pharmacy Week celebrated?

National pharmacy week is celebrated in the United States and Canada in October.

Who is Pharmacy Week celebrated by?

National pharmacy week is celebrated by everyone.

When did Pharmacy Week first start?

National pharmacy week first started in 1924.

Who started Pharmacy Week?

A pharmacist from Ashville in North Carolina called Robert J. Ruth

Pharmacies not only give medicine for patient care but also give essential information to patients.

History And Timelines

The Chinese, Greeks, and Egyptians had their early versions of pharmacy, as per records.

2100 B. C.

arliest Pharmaceutical Science

The first pharmaceutical science was recorded in Ancient Mesopotamia.

6th century B. C

Indian Ayurveda

The first compilation of Indian Ayurvedic text on medical substances for ailments.

12th century

Shops In England

Small pharmacy-like shops started in England and are still up and running.


America's First Pharmacy Hospital

Benjamin Franklin co-founded Pennsylvania hospital in Philadelphia for patient care of the homeless and poor.

Early 1800s

First Pharmacist

Louis Dufiho, the first licensed pharmacist of America set his shop in French Quarter to sell voodoo and traditional medicine.

Traditions And Customs

The goal of National Pharmacy Week is to raise awareness about the role that pharmacies play in our society. Pharmacies provide medication to millions of people every day, and they are an essential part of the healthcare system.

We celebrate the pharmacy profession to acknowledge and recognize the hard work of pharmacy staff including pharmacy technicians and pharmacists. During this week, pharmacies organize events that allow healthcare workers and the public to get an idea about daily pharmacy operations.

Pharmacies hold meet and greets for caregivers and patients to ask questions. Few more events are presentations, health fairs, and brown-bag workshops.

Ways To Celebrate Pharmacy Week

Attend health screenings, immunizations, or medication reviews at your local pharmacy. Visit the National Association of Chain Drug Stores website to find a list of participating pharmacies. Share information about National Pharmacy Week on social media using the hashtag #PharmacyWeek.

Write a letter to your state or national legislators thanking them for their support of pharmacies. Participate in a pharmacy education session at your local community college or university. Volunteer at a local pharmacy to help with tasks such as medication packaging or customer service.

Facts And Stats

  • Write about your experiences during National Pharmacy Week on your personal blog or social media page.
  • Pharmacists also work in care organizations, nursing homes, and hospitals.

FAQs About National Pharmacy Week

What is Pharmacy Week?

National Pharmacy Week is an annual event that takes place in the United States and Canada.

What is the theme for Pharmacy Week 2021?

The theme for national pharmacy week 2021 is 'Pharmacy: Essential to Healthcare.' 2021's campaign focused on the important role that pharmacies play in our healthcare system.

What are some reasons for celebrating pharmacy week?

Some reasons for celebrating National Pharmacy Week include raising awareness about the role that pharmacies play in our society, learning more about pharmacy services, and more.

How do retailers celebrate pharmacy week?

Retailers celebrate National Pharmacy Week by holding events and offering discounts. Some common activities include health screenings, immunizations, and medication reviews.

What are some events related to this day?

Some events related to this day are national pharmacy technician day and national pharmacy buyer day.

How does this day affect people psychologically?

Pharmacy week affects people psychologically by raising awareness about the role that pharmacies play in our society.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
October 18, 2020 Sunday
October 17, 2021 Sunday
October 16, 2022 Sunday
October 15, 2023 Sunday
October 20, 2024 Sunday

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