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National Pick Strawberries Day

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Where is National Pick Strawberries Day celebrated?  

Every year on May 20, National Pick Strawberries Day is observed in the United States Of America.

Who is National Pick Strawberries Day celebrated by?

National Pick Strawberries Day is a joyful day that everyone, including children, can eat, enjoy and celebrate this delicious fruit.

When did National Pick Strawberries Day first start?

There's no evidence of when the First National Pick Strawberries Day began. On antiquated occasions, wild strawberries were used for therapeutic and remedial purposes. 

Who started National Pick Strawberries day?

It's not known who first started National Pick Strawberries Day.

Pick only completely ripe berries. Strawberries do not continue to ripen once picked; they age.

History And Timeline

This berry originated in Brittany, France, where it was first cultivated in a garden in the 1750s as a cross between two distinct types of wild strawberry or red berries. Long before this, however, as early as the 14th century, strawberries were found in the wild. This red fruit is viewed as especially healthy due to the amount of folic acid found in this type of fruit. They contain barely any fat or calories and are high in fiber, vitamin C, and potassium.

13th Century

Discovery Of Strawberries in North And South America

The earliest evidence of strawberries is in the 13th century. Strawberries were originally only found in North and South America.

14th Century

Cream With Strawberries

The famous strawberries and cream combination was created by Thomas Wolsey, an English archbishop during King Henry VII's reign.

15th Century

Strawberry Consumption By European Monks

Wild strawberries are used by European monks in their medieval manuscripts.

18th Century

Strawberry From France And Chile

French travelers to Chile introduced the strawberry plant to female flowers, which resulted in the production of today's common strawberries.  


Strawberry Growers In The United States And China

The United States and China produce around 20% and 40% of the world's strawberries, respectively.

Traditions And Customs

There are no unique traditions or rituals to mark this day. But you can celebrate it by collecting fresh strawberries! Visit your favorite local U-pick berry farm or look for one. If you don't have one nearby, this might make for a great day trip. Berry picking is fun for both kids and adults, so bring some friends or the whole family or try out some delicious recipes.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National Pick Strawberries Day

You can celebrate National Pick Strawberries Day by, you guessed it, picking some strawberries! After you've picked your strawberries, to keep them fresh either store them in the refrigerator or on the counter for a few days. Make sure to remove any that are bruised and put the rest in an open-air basket or colander to maintain good airflow.

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Facts And Stats

  • National Pick Strawberries Day can be celebrated by hosting a strawberry cake party and inviting your friends for a taste.
  • Educate yourself on the health benefits of farm-picked fresh strawberries by reading about them on National Pick Strawberries Day.
  • Some people celebrate National Pick Strawberries Day by creating social media hashtags #pick strawberries and spreading awareness about this day.

FAQs About National Pick Strawberries Day

What month are strawberries picked?

Most strawberries are available to harvest in the United States throughout May and June. 

What shoes do you wear for strawberry picking?

To avoid filthy toes from muddy grounds and sticky feet from mushed strawberries, wear closed-toed shoes.

What should I wear to go strawberry picking?

Wear clothing that you don't mind getting dirty, and consider wearing long-sleeved shirts and slacks, especially if you'll be collecting berries from prickly canes.

When can you pick strawberries in Georgia?

In Georgia, the official strawberry season can go from late April to July, with the finest harvesting from May to mid-June.

What is the significance of National Pick Strawberries Day?

Strawberries have a lot to offer in flavor, aroma, and nutritional content, and this is why the fruit has been appreciated for ages.

How is National Pick Strawberries Day different from National Strawberry Day?

Every year, on May 20, National Pick Strawberries Day is held, while National Strawberry Day is commemorated on February 27. Both days are observed to enjoy a fresh dish of strawberries.

What is special about National Pick Strawberries Day?

National Strawberry Picking Day prompts us to go out and pick some luscious and fresh red strawberries to savor in our favorite dessert, on our cereal, or just on their own.

What is the history and origin of National Pick Strawberries Day?

The specific beginning and the origin of National Pick Strawberries Day are at this point unclear. Strawberry picking opportunity typically arrives between late April and keeps going all through the late spring, contingent upon what part of the United States you live.

What is the best time of day to pick strawberries?

Strawberries are typically harvested after half to three-quarters of the skin has developed color. Picking is normally done every second or third day, depending on the weather, and is best done in the morning hours.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
May 20, 2020 Wednesday
May 20, 2021 Thursday
May 20, 2022 Friday
May 20, 2023 Saturday
May 20, 2024 Monday

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