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National Pickle Day

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Where is National Pickle Day celebrated?

National Pickle Day is observed in the United States by everyone who can't have enough pickles!

Who is National Pickle Day celebrated by?

National Pickle Day is relished by those who love the tang of kosher dill pickles, pickle juices, cucumber pickles, sweet pickles, and more. Different varieties of pickles are introduced on this day across the country as well.

When did National Pickle Day first start?

Nothing is known about when National Pickle Day started but it's celebrated with great enthusiasm across the US. On this day, people try a variety of pickles and share them with friends and family as well.

Who started National Pickle Day?

No evidence reveals which great person began National Pickle Day, but it is certainly a tribute to the pickle and the mason jar.

National Pickle Day is for eating pickles and sharing homemade pickles in a mason jar with others.

History And Timeline

The pickling process is not something new to the world. The pickles emerged as a go-to nutrition choice for people living in harsh conditions.

The saga of traditional pickles is as tangy as the pickle itself, and you'll certainly enjoy knowing more about it.

2030 BC

The Art of Pickle

Indians started manufacturing pickles using traditional recipes and soon the methodology spread across the region.

10th Century

Dill Arrives

Dill makes an entry in Western Europe from Sumatra, the critical ingredient of a pickle, and is still used in preparing pickles.

Mid-17th Century

New York Pickled Cucumbers

Cucumbers taken from Dutch settlers were pickled and distributed across New York, which caught the attention of many people.


Columbus Brings Pickle

The famous discoverer Columbus introduced pickles to North America and these delectable treats became an instant hit with people.


A Pickle Party!

New York celebrates National Pickle Day for the first time. People have since then started celebrating different pickles on this day every year.

Traditions And Customs

Craving pickles, or interested in having some kosher dill? Enter this tradition of commemorating pickles, which offer a sweet and tangy flavor that is hard to resist. The pickles have come far from ancient Tigris River Valley civilizations to our modern cuisine, owing to their nutritional value and health benefits.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National Pickle Day

Love pickles? Get a jar from a grocery store and relish the preserve with whatever you like. You can get a diverse variety of pickles and try them all to see what fits your appetite best.

Are you a crazy pickle-eater? Try grabbing a world record in munching pickles! Yeah!

Facts And Stats

  • National Pickle Day started for the first time in the year 2001 and has since been celebrated every year.
  • National Pickle Day is the day for you to experiment with your pickle juice.
  • Along with National Pickle Day, the US also celebrates National Pickled Peppers Month.

FAQs About National Pickle Day

Who invented the pickle?

New York Food Museum poses a vague explanation that ancient Mesopotamians made the earliest pickled food in around 2400 B.C. Ever since then, different pickle recipes have been enjoyed across the world.

When is National Pickle Day?

The day is observed on November 14, every year. This day is celebrated by all Americans who enjoy eating pickles with different foods.

Who started National Pickle Day?

The first National Pickle Day is known to have been commenced by Pickle Packers Association. Ever since its inception, this national day is celebrated every year.

How do people celebrate National Pickle Day?

People relish pickled veggies like carrots, cucumbers, watermelons, and more to celebrate National Pickle Day! You can try posting yummy pickle photos on social media and spreading the word about its health benefits.

Why do people celebrate National Pickle Day?

This fermented delicacy has won the hearts of foodies and non-foodies alike. So, the day commemorates pickles, deep-fried pickles, sweet pickles, and other preserves.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
November 14, 2020 Saturday
November 14, 2021 Sunday
November 14, 2022 Monday
November 14, 2023 Tuesday
November 14, 2024 Thursday

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