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National Power Rangers Day

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Where is National Power Rangers Day celebrated?

National Power Rangers Day is celebrated in many parts of the world, especially by those who are huge fans of this series. The day is mainly observed in the U.S.

Who is National Power Rangers Day celebrated by?

Kids, teenagers, and adults fans of 'Power Rangers' celebrate National Power Rangers Day.

When did National Power Rangers Day first start?

National Power Rangers Day started in 2018.

Who started National Power Rangers Day?

Hasbro declared this day to celebrate 25 years of the 'Power Rangers.'

History And Timeline

The main characters of the Power Ranger teams are the idols of many kids. These main characters display certain Power Ranger skills and defeat evil. Making it at the top position in pop culture, 'Power Rangers' has characters of all ages and diversity that inspire people from all generations.


Japanese Series

Many people are unaware that 'Power Rangers' is not the original creation. This show was based on the Japanese series called 'Super Sentai.' This was aired in 1975, continued to air for two years, and had many spin-offs like 'Goggle Five Rangers,' 'Battle Rangers,' and 'Ninja Rangers.'


'Power Rangers'

On August 28, 'Power Rangers' was finally introduced to the common people. It was launched as the 'Mighty Morphin Power Rangers' and overcame obstacles with remarkable teamwork and had a diverse age group of people.


Popular Franchise Battle

The popular franchise of the 'Power Rangers' was initially taken by Fox. Later, the Walt Disney Company purchased the 'Power Rangers' franchise and aired the show till 2008, and the finale season was named 'Power Rangers Jungle Fury.'


Airing Of The Show Is Extended

Saban Entertainment and Nickelodeon, who earlier bought the partnership with Disney, extended it till 2018.


25th Anniversary

It was announced by Hasbro to celebrate the 25th anniversary of 'Power Rangers' as National Power Rangers Day. So it was decided to continue airing on Nickelodeon throughout 2021.

National Power Rangers Day is celebrated by fans of the series in the U.S.

Traditions And Customs

There are no particular traditions and customs for this day. But to be a part of this day and mark your participation, one must sit with their families and friends and watch various 'Power Rangers' series. Further, one should also buy power ranger toys, which can be super fun for kids. Even without any traditions and customs, this day is full of enjoyment and excitement.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National Power Rangers Day

You can watch the popular 'Mighty Morphin Power Rangers' series on television. You can call your friends and throw a party with a 'Power Rangers' theme. You can become your favorite power ranger. Kids and teenagers love drawing and sketching their favorite power ranger, like the blue ranger. Share the series on-screen qualities of teamwork, inclusivity, and diversity. If you are passionate, write an episode or a scene for the story of 'Power Rangers' using your imagination, called fanfiction.

Facts And Stats

The first-ever episode of 'Power Rangers' was aired on August 28, because of which this national day is also celebrated on the same day.

The starting of this day marked the 25th anniversary of 'Power Rangers.'

Many online events are also organized on this national day based on 'Power Rangers.'

FAQs About National Power Rangers Day

How do people celebrate National Power Rangers Day?

People like reliving their childhood moments by watching their favorite 'Power Rangers' episodes with their family, kids, and friends. They attend events organized especially on this day and even throw 'Power Rangers' themed parties.

Who invented the concept of National Power Rangers Day?

Hasbro invented this concept to mark the 25th anniversary of the series.

What are some advantages of celebrating National Power Rangers Day?

You get to re-watch your favorite series. It is an inspiration to watch a positive and inspiring story based on overcoming hurdles.

What are some events related to National Power Rangers Day?

There are no specific events related to National Power Rangers Day.

How does celebrating National Power Rangers Day entertain kids?

It keeps them occupied and indirectly motivates them to overcome their fears and fight against all the odds. They learn to be strong and brave like a power ranger and think about how they can overcome challenges in real life.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
August 28, 2020 Friday
August 28, 2021 Saturday
August 28, 2022 Sunday
August 28, 2023 Monday
August 28, 2024 Wednesday

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