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National Pralines Day

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Where is National Pralines Day celebrated?

This day is celebrated throughout the United States of America.

Who is National Pralines Day celebrated by?

All American sweet lovers celebrate National Pralines Day.

When did National Pralines Day start?

Although we do not know about the origin of this day, praline first came into existence during the 17th Century.

Who started National Pralines Day?

We do not know exactly who started this day. Early Europeans and French settlers made this a popular treat, later introduced in America.

Praline tastes delicious with a rich cream filling inside.

History And Timelines

Although the origin of National Pralines Day is still a mystery, we do know that pralines that first eèxisted belonged to the early 17th Century.

17th Century

Early Pralines

European praline came into existence in the 17th Century and was brought about by the French sugar industrialist Marshal du Plessis-Praslin.


French Export Of Pralines

Almonds-covered pralines were brought from France by casket girls, the Ursuline Nuns.


Pralines Business

Women sold pralines to French settlers who earned some money during their financial crisis.


Tanner's Pecans and Candies

Due to the abundant sugar cane and pecan trees, Tanner's Pecans and Candies began selling pecan pralines that became immensely popular throughout the United States.


Popularity Of Praline

With more and more new flavors and cream, praline has become the favorite treat among Americans.

Traditions And Customs

All the sweet lovers celebrate this day by indulging in pralines, ice creams, and other tasty treats. New Orleans chefs develop delicious praline varieties with added cream and ground powder of the whole almond. A whole different craze for pralines is seen in New Orleans on Pralines Day (June 24). Louisiana tradition also involves making praline treats with loads of almonds, nuts, and added cream.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National Pralines Day

National Praline Day is best celebrated by binging on loads of pralines made of whole almonds and a hard chocolate shell. Many local bakeries and gourmet shops in America make delicious pralines resembling fudge and having the taste of a chocolate cookie.

You can also unleash the chef in you and come out with some fantastic handmade pralines. Other ways to observe this day include sharing a box of pralines with the homeless.

Facts And Stats

  • Pralines became a part of the local custom in New Orleans, where pecan pralines are more popular than almond pralines due to the presence of abundant pecan trees.
  • On National Pralines Day, Americans buy American pralines and enjoy French and Belgian pralines.
  • Did you know that Praliniéres were the women of the French quarters who sold pralines to French settlers?

FAQs About National Pralines Day

When was National Pralines Day created?

While the origin of this day is not yet clear, pralines may have originated during the 17th Century in France and were invented by Marshal Du Plessis-Praslin, a French sugar industrialist.

What National Day is June 24?

July 24 is celebrated by Americans as National Pralines Day.

What does praline stand for?

Pralines are confections that mainly include different kinds of nuts in sugar syrup. Unlike French pralines, Belgian pralines have a hard chocolate shell made of whole almonds and caramelized sugar. American pralines are more creamy with milk and taste just like fudges.

What city is known for pralines?

New Orleans is known for American pralines.

How National Pralines Day is different from National Biscuit Day?

National Pralines Day celebrates almond-coated chocolate treats, which sometimes contain cream, while National Biscuit Day is all about every different kind of biscuit.

How do families celebrate National Pralines Day?

Families celebrate this day by indulging in a mouthful of almond-covered pralines along with ice creams.

What is the importance of National Pralines Day?

National Pralines Day celebrates the French confection of sugar-coated nuts and rich chocolate filling.

Why do kids like celebrating National Pralines Day?

Celebrating this day involves eating loads of pralines, children's favorite treats.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
June 23, 2020 Tuesday
June 23, 2021 Wednesday
June 23, 2022 Thursday
June 23, 2023 Friday
June 23, 2024 Sunday

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