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National Presidential Joke Day

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FAQs About National Presidential Joke Day

How does celebrating this day lead to enjoyment?

The day recognizes and remembers all the hilarious quips and jokes from the US presidents over the years.

What are some advantages of celebrating Presidential Joke Day?

The day is celebrated in a way that people share laughter; along, with the extra serotonin, it helps the public feel more connected to their representatives.

How do families celebrate Presidential Joke Day?

Parents can tell their kids about the story behind this public holiday. They can also read and learn about the previous US presidents to improve their knowledge on this fun day.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
August 10, 2020 Monday
August 10, 2021 Tuesday
August 10, 2022 Wednesday
August 10, 2023 Thursday
August 10, 2024 Saturday

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