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National Produce Misting Day

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Where is National Produce Misting Day celebrated? 

While misting is practiced worldwide, the National Produce Misting Day is celebrated mainly in the USA.

Who celebrates National Produce Misting Day?

 National Produce Misting Day is celebrated by the Corrigan Corporation of America every year to acknowledge the importance of innovative engineering that helps in misting vegetables.

When did National Produce Misting Day start?

The Corrigan Corporation of America started celebrating National Produce Misting Day in 2018, but the National Day Calendar recognized the day officially in 2019.

Who started National Produce Misting Day?

 The Corrigan Company started the National Produce Misting Day in 2018 to share the fascinating history behind the invention of the automatic misting system that brings fresh produce to local stores.

National Produce Misting Day helps to remind you that misting keeps the food hydrated and nutrient-dense.

History And Timeline

In 1979, the Carrot Top produce market owner, Jack Corrigan, got the first patents for automatic produce misting systems. His son, Mike Corrigan, brought those innovations into the market, and his innovations proved to be revolutionary for the produce market, leading to lesser wastage of produce. To acknowledge the innovations, Corrigan Corporation started the National Produce Misting Day.



Corrigan Corporation Inaugurated

The Corrigan Corporation was inaugurated by John F. Corrigan.


Patents For Automatic Misting Systems

Jack Corrigan got patents for his innovation in misting systems.


Start Of National Produce Misting Day

The Corrigan Corporation started the National Produce Misting Day for the first time.


Proclamation From National Day Calendar

The National Day Calendar proclaimed the first National Produce Misting Day on October 2, 2019.


Huge Loss Of Farmers

Despite the invention of developed misting technologies, farmers faced a massive loss in 2020-21 due to Covid.

Traditions And Customs

 On National Produce Misting Day, local farmers tell fascinating stories about the process of misting if someone visits them. On the way back, you can also pick some fresh produce on your own and take care of it following the farmer's directions.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National Produce Misting Day

 The most basic way to celebrate the National Produce Misting Day is by getting your fingers misted. Try picking up some favorite fresh produce to try something new.

You can also try making new recipes with the exotic vegetable stock that your grocer has stored for you. Cooking exotic foods and feeding your friends and family doubles the fun.

You can also add a layer of moisture in your garden soil to cool down the outside for your plants.

Facts And Stats

  •  The National Produce Misting Day was created in 2018 for the first time to celebrate the first patents of Jack Corrigan, who got the patent for automatic produce misting systems.
  • National Produce Misting Day celebrates mist's cooling effect on stock and produce.
  • The Registrar of the National Day Calendar declared the first National Produce Misting Day in 2019 to be observed on October 2 each year.

FAQs About National Produce Misting Day

Why is produce misted?

Misting is the process of spraying water on crops. It keeps the fruits and vegetables fresh and retains the veggies' crispiness.

Why do grocery stores have misting systems for the produce?

In the grocery world, misting technology results beneficial for business. Innovative tools are used for keeping fruits and vegetables misted. The dried-out veggies absorb moisture when misted, which increases their weight. Since items are sold by weight, the residual pound added by water increases the profit of the local grocer.

What is the importance of National Produce Misting Day?

The National Produce Misting Day, celebrated on October 2, recognizes the importance of keeping the produce fresh. Between fresh produce and tired produce, customers always choose fresh produce.

What are the obstacles to celebrating National Produce Misting Day?

Not many obstacles are faced during National Produce Misting Day.

How does celebrating National Produce Misting Day support farmers?

Celebrating a day that glorifies keeping crops fresh indirectly supports the farmers who spend so much effort throughout the year to grow stocks and keep them fresh.

Why is there a lot of buzzes on National Produce Misting Day?

Many people have followed the hashtags related to National Misting Day on social media because the day celebrates fresh food and a healthy lifestyle. All the health enthusiasts create a lot of buzz on this day.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
October 02, 2020 Friday
October 02, 2021 Saturday
October 02, 2022 Sunday
October 02, 2023 Monday
October 02, 2024 Wednesday

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