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National Pumpkin Pie Day

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Where is National Pumpkin Pie Day celebrated?  

National Pumpkin Pie Day is mainly celebrated in the U.S. Pumpkin pies are a favorite of everyone around the country. They are a staple food for many holiday season festivities, like Thanksgiving Day or Christmas Day.

Who is National Pumpkin Pie Day celebrated by?

People all around the U.S. celebrate National Pumpkin Pie Day. It brings them the comfort of the fall. Unfortunately, many people don't only make pumpkin pies; they also make many other pumpkin-based foods, like roasted pumpkin, pumpkin-based custard, and more on a festive day.

When did National Pumpkin Pie Day first start?

It's not known when the National Pumpkin Pie Day was started.

Who started National Pumpkin Pie Day? 

It's not known who actually started the National Pumpkin Pie Day.A pumpkin pie is the best food for the fall season.

History And Timeline

We may not know how or when the National Pumpkin Pie Day started, but we know how the country came to love their favorite pumpkin pie.


Growing Pumpkins And Squash

Native Americans started the practice of growing pumpkins regularly to make their version of pie.


Native Americans Gift Pumpkins To Settlers

When the first settlers came to the country, the northeastern tribes of Native Americans gifted them pumpkins and taught them how to use them.


Pumpkin Pie Recipe In English Cookbook

Pumpkin pie recipes very similar to today's with cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, and sometimes currents, raisins, and apples as fillings were included in English cookbooks with the same name 'The Gentlewoman's Companion' written by Hannah Woolley.


Pumpkin Pie In A Poem

The renowned American novelist Lydia Maria Child wrote a Thanksgiving poem, 'Over The River And Through The Wood,' which mentioned pumpkin pie.

September 25, 2010

World's Largest Pumpkin Pie

In a pumpkin fest held in 2010 in New Bremen, Ohio, a pumpkin pie 3699 lb (1678 kg) in weight was featured and won its place in the 'Guinness World Records' book as the largest ever pumpkin pie.

Traditions And Customs

Many people have recipes for pumpkin pie that have been handed down to them through generations. The recipe courtesy of these pies goes to their ancestors, which they honor by making food with ingredients - pumpkin, apples, raisins, nuts, and more.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National Pumpkin Pie Day

Make breakfast with your main ingredient, pumpkin, along with a Starbucks coffee with pumpkin flavor, the Pumpkin Spice Latte. Bake a pumpkin pie by making pumpkin pulp out of a pumpkin or out of the canned pumpkin with or without a top crust. Keep the oven temperature at 180F or 82C.

Facts And Stats

  • The world's largest pumpkin pie was made in 2010, and this pie contained 14.5 lb (6.6 kg) of cinnamon, 2796 eggs, 1212 lb (549.7 kg) of canned pumpkin, 525 lb (238 kg) of sugar, 7 lb (3.2 kg) of salt, and 109 gals (412.6 l) of evaporated milk. This pie was 20 ft (6 m) in diameter and weighed 3699 lb (1678 kg).
  • For the first time, in 1653, the renowned French chef and author Francois Pierre la Varenne mentioned a recipe, 'Tourte of Pumpkin', in his book where a sweet cooked pumpkin mixture would be made with a pastry shell.
  • The first-ever actual American cookbook, 'American Cookery,' came in 1796, written by Amelia Simmons.

FAQs About National Pumpkin Pie Day

Is there a National Pumpkin Day?

National Pumpkin Day is observed on October 26.

When was National Pumpkin Day 2020?

On a Monday, the National Pumpkin Day in 2020 was observed on October 26.

Why is pumpkin pie important to Thanksgiving?

Pumpkin was given as a gift to the first settlers by Native Americans, and since then, it has become a tradition to make pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving Day.

What does pumpkin pie symbolize?

Pumpkins symbolize the fall season and harvest time, whereas pumpkin pie is a symbol of tradition and, mainly, Thanksgiving Day.

What is the history of pumpkin pie?

The earliest form of pumpkin pie was probably made by early American settlers who made the pie without crusts. They filled hollowed-out pumpkin shells, or they stewed pumpkins.

What country is pumpkin pie from?

The origin of pumpkin pie can be traced back to the U.S.

What was the largest pumpkin pie ever made?

The largest pumpkin pie ever made weighed 3699 lb (1678 kg). It was made in 2010 at a pumpkin fest in Ohio.

When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
December 24, 2020 Thursday
December 24, 2021 Friday
December 24, 2022 Saturday
December 24, 2023 Sunday
December 24, 2024 Tuesday

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