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National Quilting Day

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Where is National Quilting Day celebrated?

National Quilting Day is celebrated in America by quilters all over the US. The event is organized by small quilting societies and even streets. People hang their quilts from their balconies and gardens to show the amazing patterns, colors, and richness of their warm textiles. The National Quilt Museum is known for holding the world’s largest quilt collection.

Who is National Quilting Day celebrated by?

National Quilting Day is celebrated globally by quilters. Locals and artisans display their quilts at these special events hosted by a museum. It gives them the opportunity to tell stories through their artwork.

When did National Quilting Day first start?

According to the Quilt Alliance, this event is inspired by ‘Quilter’s Day Out’. In 1989, the Kentucky Heritage Quilt Society organized this event on the third Saturday of March. Following its success, the National Quilting Association took it to the national level. The first official event was held on March 22, 1992. It has been celebrated ever since, and quilt artists from around the globe have been welcomed with open arms.

Who started National Quilting Day?

In 1993, The Quilt Alliance, a non-profit organization, was formed with the mission to share the American history of quilts.

The history of quilts can be traced back to 3400 BC.

History And Timeline 

National Quilting Day, or rather the whole week, is the time to think of new ideas to promote the art of quilting. Here are some important aspects of the timeline related to National Quilting Day:

3400 BC

Origin of Quilting

Quilting is believed to have started around this time.

17th-18th Century

Quilting Became Popular

Quilting started to become popular in the US.


First Quilters Day Out

The event was held by the Kentucky Heritage Quilt Society to celebrate the tradition.


National Quilters Day Out

Amazed by the success of the previous years, the National Quilting Association took it to the national level.


First National Quilting Day

In 1992, the third Saturday of March was recognized as National Quilting Day in association with the Quilt Alliance and the International Quilt Museum.

Tradition And Customs 

Quilts hold historical significance for Americans. Quilts were presented on wedding days, handed down from mother to daughter, as symbols of love and family history. The fabric wasn’t easily available and it was expensive. Hence, saving and collecting old pieces of fabric and scraps from worn-out clothes was common practice. Nine Patch Quilt is one of the seven celebrated quilting patterns that are made of square scraps of clothes. Another pattern called 'Log Cabin' is said to be associated with Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War. 

Quilting is considered an integral part of colonial textiles and art. Since many slaves were from different civilizations, African-American quilting became a tradition in itself. The quilting pattern of flying geese and bear paws was used as a form of communication code. It helped slaves find food and water when they started escaping in the mid-1800s. National Quilting Day could be considered a ‘thank you’ to quilters to show them that their contributions to society are valued and that they should keep humanity alive with their art.

Ways To Observe And Celebrate National Quilting Day

Uploading photos of our old quilts on social networking websites is an easy and good way to raise awareness about National Quilting Day.

Support a quilting artist by becoming a patron and helping them to preserve the art they are proud of in the age of mechanically produced comforters. 

Organize or visit special quilt shows or exhibitions. Visit the National Quilt Museum.

Buy or advertise your local quilt shops.

Learning to quilt with grandparents is one of the meaningful ways to celebrate the special day. You can also help them finish their ongoing quilting project.

Facts And Stats 

  • National Quilting Day is celebrated in America by all quilting enthusiasts.
  • Celebrations of National Quilting Day started in Nebraska in 1991.
  • National Quilting Day was initially led by the Kentucky Heritage Quilt Society.

FAQs About National Quilting Day

How do you celebrate National Quilting Day?

By attending events organized across the country by different quilting societies.

Is March National Quilting month?

Yes, March is National Quilting Month.

What month is National Quilting Month?

March is National Quilting Month.

When is National Quilting Day?

National Quilting Day is on Saturday, March 19, 2022.

What are some of the economic benefits of National Quilting Day?

The quilting industry is reported to be worth billions of dollars. Celebrating this event acts as an advertisement for quilts and a new opportunity for sellers to expand trade, benefiting the economy.

How does celebrating National Quilting Day support small-skilled workers?

Celebrating this event allows small-skilled workers to show their quilts to a wider audience without spending much.

Who initially led National Quilting Day?

National Quilting Day was initially led by the Kentucky Heritage Quilt Society.

How does National Quilting Day generate economic activity?

People visit their local quilting shops over the weekend and purchase products to create more employment opportunities for the workers.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
March 21, 2020 Saturday
March 19, 2021 Friday
March 18, 2022 Friday
March 16, 2023 Thursday
March 16, 2024 Saturday

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