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National S'Mores Day

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Where is National S'Mores Day celebrated?  

The day originated and is celebrated in all states of the US.

Who is National S'Mores Day celebrated by?

The day is created to celebrate the most popular desserts of America, s'mores. So, it can be celebrated by anyone, but the day is more famous among girl and boy scouts. 

When did National S'Mores Day first start?

There are no exact answers about when the day started, but it may have begun in the late 19th century after s'mores first appeared in 1927.

Who started National S'Mores Day?

Though the founder of the day is unknown, the first published recipe for s'mores came in from a book called 'Tramping And Trailing With The Girl Scouts' in 1927. Loretta Scott Crew made s'mores for girl scouts on their camping trip.

Prepare your s'mores and share them with the world.

History And Timeline

Among all desserts, s'mores have made it into the hearts of North American people. Approximately 50 million lb (2.26 million kg) of marshmallows are toasted in North America every year. Learn the history of s'mores here.



Graham Crackers

The Graham cracker, the sweet whole wheat cracker, was invented by reverend Sylvester Graham who believed in avoiding processed wheat. He named it after himself.


Graham Cracker Sandwich

The first mention of s'mores was found in camping treat-based cookbooks. The s'more recipe was named a Graham Cracker Sandwich.


First Reference To S'Mores

The closest reference to s'mores appeared in a camping trip guidebook, 'Tramping And Trailing With The Girl Scouts'.



The recipe was again printed in a book, 'The Omnibus of Fun,' but it was named s'mores.


Two S'Mores

To meet the demand for their new tasty cookies, s'mores, the Girl Scouts selected two manufacturers to make two different versions of their classic camp cookies.

Traditions And Customs

This day is the best time to have a s'more cooking contest or snack party. Try out new s'more recipes, from s'more ice cream sandwiches or s'more trail mix to s'more cookie cake glazed with sugar and s'more puppy chow. No open fire is required here; a jar of marshmallow cream is enough. You also need milk and chocolate to bake cookie cakes.

As an alternative, you can always add s'more ingredients to delicious desserts like cakes, dips, pies, and trifles. Invite your best friend for a sweet treat or a campfire treat with lots of peanut butter and chocolate chips.

Make this day fun by experiencing camping trips, tasty s'more recipes, and sharing memorable moments on social media with the hashtags #NationalSmoresDay.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National S'Mores Day

S'Mores Day would be incomplete without preparing s'mores. So, this is the best time for camping with friends. You can also cook s'mores in an oven or over a stove's flame at home with your kids, friends, or family.

Hold a marshmallow over a fire and toast it until it is golden brown. After a fine toast, place the toasted marshmallow between two halves of a graham cracker and a piece of chocolate between two graham crackers.

While the traditional s'more is made of chocolate and toasted marshmallow, there is always room for innovation; you can mix it up and treat yourself by making different s'mores with peanut butter spread or trying out a new flavor you always wanted to eat.

S'mores can be prepared in the microwave in just 15-20 seconds. But, first, you have to put them together and pop them into the microwave on high for 15-20 seconds.

Facts And Stats

  • The day hasn't been around for nearly as long as s'mores have been. The snack was originally called 'some mores' and dates back to 1927.
  • In 2014, campers at Deer Run Camping Resort, Pennsylvania, built a s'more that weighed 267 lb (120 kg), making it into the Guinness Book Of World Records, which may have paved the way for this national celebration.
  • A s'more cookbook stated that 90 million lb (40.8 million kg) of marshmallows were bought in America and that this dessert is the inspiration behind creating pop tarts, cereals, ice creams, and many more. No wonder we have a special day for this celebration.
  • A source has identified that an estimated 50% of marshmallows bought during the summer are used for s'more recipes.

FAQs About National S'Mores Day

How many s'mores are made in a year?

Approximately 700 million s'mores are produced every year.

How is S'More Day different from National Graham Cracker Day?

S'More Day was created to celebrate the best campfire dessert of all time: the s'more. In comparison, National Graham Crackers Day was created to celebrate graham crackers.

What is the history and origin of S'Mores Day?

The first mention of s'mores was found in a book published by Campfire Marshmallows in the '20s. It is considered to be the home of the original s'more recipe.

Why do people love S'Mores Day?

This dessert combines sugar, warm, delicious, and gooey tastes with lots of flavors, leaving kids wanting more. It's clear why they initially named this dessert 'some more.'

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
August 10, 2020 Monday
August 10, 2021 Tuesday
August 10, 2022 Wednesday
August 10, 2023 Thursday
August 10, 2024 Saturday

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