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National Salami Day

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Where is National Salami Day celebrated?  

National Salami Day is celebrated in the USA.

Who is National Salami Day celebrated by?

National Salami Day is celebrated by the people of the USA.

When did National Salami Day begin?

National Salami Day was first started in 2006.

Who started National Salami Day?

It was started by the Salami Appreciation Society (SAS), a spontaneous inspiration from its founders, Christine and Virginia in Henrico.

History And Timeline

Physical and microbial changes to salami happen mainly during the ripening or drying process.

The exact origin of salami being unknown, we have to rely on the facts and evidence of fermented and cured sausage that has been made in the Mediterranean region for more than 2,000 years. The word 'salami' was coined from the Italian word 'sale' and originally represented all kinds of salted meats. Though salami has a long history attached to it, National Salami Day is of recent origin, thanks to the Salami Appreciation Society.

500 B.C.

First Citation Of Sausage

The first identifiable citation of this meat food was found in the Greek play called 'The Orya', which means 'the sausage', and later appeared in many other Greek pieces of literature.

320 A.D.

Ban On Sausage

Constantinus I, the Roman Emporer, and the Catholic Church banned the consumption of sausages due to the link with pagan festivals.

12th Century

Emergence Of Norcini

Specialization in slaughtering and bagging of pork gave way to the emergence of a specific group of butchers called Norcini, who also engaged in selling sausages in central Italy during the slaughtering season.


First Mention Of Salami

The order made, by a mercenary soldier working for the Duke of Milan in 1436, to procure pigs for making Salami is the first document mentioning Salami that was found in Parma.  


Charcuterie Museum

MUSA, a museum for charcuterie-cured meat, was established in 2013 in Italy.

Traditions And Customs

In the absence of any prescribed traditions and customs to celebrate this food day, everyone can create their own traditions and customs. Choose a fermented sausage of your preferred meat, relish it yourself or share it with family or friends.

Ways To Celebrate National Salami Day

All are free to have their own ways of celebrating this day. Eat salami as it is, make some salami recipes, and enjoy some delicious salami on a sandwich, pizza, or any other preferred food; the choice is yours.

Facts And Stats

National Salami day has a website of its own, enabling a common platform for all salami lovers to share and celebrate.

Salami Appreciation Society has a Richmond chapter to organize and promote Salami Day, and in 2008, they celebrated Salami Day at Patrick Henry Pub and Grill.

Brazilian Independence Day also falls on September 7, just like National Salami Day.

FAQs About National Salami Day

What is the significance of National Salami Day?

Salami Appreciation Society felt that Salami, too, deserved its day under the sun.

How is National Salami Day different from National Cold Cuts Day?

National Cold Cuts Day falls on March 3 every year to celebrate all types of cold cut meats, whereas National Salami Day is specifically to enjoy salami.

What do people love about National Salami Day?

People love to eat delicious food cooked with salami slices on National Salami Day.

What is the history and origin of National Salami Day?

National Salami Day was a spontaneous idea by Christine and Virginia, the founders of the Salami Appreciation Society. They started this day in 2006 as they felt that Salami deserved to have its day under the sun.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
September 07, 2020 Monday
September 07, 2021 Tuesday
September 07, 2022 Wednesday
September 07, 2023 Thursday
September 07, 2024 Saturday

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