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National Sardines Day

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Where is National Sardines Day celebrated?  

 National Sardines Day is celebrated in the USA.

Who is National Sardines Day celebrated by?

 National Sardines Day is celebrated by the people of the USA.

When did National Sardines Day first start?

 The details of when this day started are not known yet.

Who started National Sardines Day?

 The origins and who started the National Sardines Day are still unknown.

Rich in B vitamins, sardines support energy metabolism if included in your diet.

History And Timeline

The unknown origin of National Sardines Day makes it difficult to plot its history. However, the fish called sardine has its history recorded from the 15th century onwards. Historians have taken different views with respect to the origin of the word sardines. Some see it as a French word derived from Latin or Ancient Greek. Another belief is that it got this name from the island of Sardinia, situated in the Mediterranean Sea. Some historians say that Aristotle referred to a fish called sardine. Another view is that this fish got its name because of the reddish-brown color of its flesh.


Sardine Fishing Industry

The fishing of sardines, also known as pilchards, thrived as an industry from 1750 to 188o in England as a product to export to Italy and Spain. Sardine oil was also a trending product during this time, mainly used as machine oil in Bristol.


Discovery Of Canning

Nicolas Appert observed that foods prepared in glass jars would remain unspoiled until the seal was broken. Due to the Napoleonic wars, the French were in demand for new food preserving methods that were cheap and effective, and the French army started supplying canned foods to soldiers.


Starting Of Canned Sardines

Using the methods of Appert, Peter Durand patented the canning of sardines in tin cans. Because of the ease of transporting sardines in tin cans, the market for canned sardines rapidly grew in Europe and around the world, becoming one of the w0rld's favorite food.


Canned Sardines Industry's Peak

In 1950, the American sardine canning industry started falling gradually, and the last large sardine cannery in Maine closed on April 15, 2010, after operating for around 135 years.

April 2015

Sardine Fishing Ban

The Pacific Fishery Management Council agreed and directed the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to cease the commercial season in Washington, California, and Oregon because of a drop in Pacific sardine stocks.

Traditions And Customs

There are no set traditions and customs to be followed on National Sardines Day, and we can devise our own traditions to enjoy this day with family and friends. Why not enjoy fresh sardines or deep-fried, smoked or cooked on this day. You could even try sardine oil on this day. Sardines should be a must on any menu on November 24th.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National Sardines Day

National Sardines Day may be observed by cooking a high protein meal with fresh sardines. Those who don't like cooking may eat canned sardine preserved with or without mustard. The day can be enjoyed by visiting Maine Coast Sardine History Museum. We also can celebrate this day by trying to get the flavor of the canned sardine kept for years to mature before eating, a method followed in some parts of Europe.

Facts And Stats

  •  In 2022, National Sardines Day shares the day with Unique Talent Day, Thanksgiving Day, National Day of Morning, World Philosophy Day, etc.
  • Legion Memorial Library, Mellen, WI, has marked this day in their 2021 event calendar.
  • Mega Global Corporation, a company based in the Philippines, celebrated Mega SardinaSaya on National Sardines Day, filling the day with fun games, prizes, and big discounts.

FAQs About National Sardines Day

Why is National Sardines Day celebrated?

Though the details of the origins of National Sardines Day are unknown, this day is believed to be celebrated to honor sardines, the small fish found in saltwater.

What is the significance of National Sardines Day?

Sardines are a great source of various vitamins, minerals, and protein. This day reminds us of the importance of these fishes. This day is also important to remind us that the Sardinops Sagax is facing the threat of extinction and we should do whatever possible to preserve them.

How is National Sardines Day different from National Bouillabaisse Day?

National Bouillabaisse Day is celebrated on December 14, and Bouillabaisse is a French seafood dish containing European conger, Scorpionfish, Sea Robin, added with herbs and spices.

What is the history and origin of National Sardines Day?

The history and origin of National Sardines Day are still unknown.

Is it ethical to celebrate this day?

Like any other day for celebrating food delicacies, this day also can be celebrated ethically. If you're passionate about saving sardines you can promote this on social media.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
November 24, 2020 Tuesday
November 24, 2021 Wednesday
November 24, 2022 Thursday
November 24, 2023 Friday
November 24, 2024 Sunday

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