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National Serpent Day

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Where is the National Serpent Day Celebrated?

The National Serpent Day is celebrated worldwide in various cultures and countries.

Who is the National Serpent Day celebrated by?

Snake lovers all around the world are known to celebrate this day.

When did National Serpent Day first start?

The exact day on which the first National Serpent Day was celebrated is not known. However, it is known that it was 1897 when Edward Drinker published 'Cope's Findings' to initiate the love for serpents in the world.

Who started National Serpent Day?

It is not known in human history as to who started the first National Serpent Day.

Did you know snakes were considered evil in many religions?

History And Timelines

It is relatively an unknown fact as to who initiated this National Serpent Day. However, let us take a look at significant events in history that led to this very day!


Cope's Findings

Edward Drinker presented the early concept of extinct snakes in his 'Cope's Findings.'


Biology Of The Reptilia

Carl Gans published his book 'Biology Of The Reptilia' on the evolution of reptiles and amphibians.


Modern Research

A survey on the ossification of neonatal squamates is published by the University of Texas.


Discovery Of Oldest Snake Fossil

113-year-old snake fossil was discovered in Brazil, which was known to have four legs.


Longest Python Discovered

The longest python to be ever recorded was the 25 ft 2 in long Reticulated Python.

Traditions And Customs

The National Serpent Day is celebrated and observed by people around the world. People visit the zoo to appreciate the beauty of the reptiles. Social Media handles are filled with the hashtag of the day, and people from various cultures spread awareness on ways to save this beautiful breed.

Ways To Celebrate National Serpent Day

You can go to the zoo to observe and if you have a fear of snakes, try to conquer it by understanding their behavior. Use the day hashtag to celebrate the National Serpent Day.

Facts And Stats

  • Snake Venom is actually used to make medicine. Painkillers, treatments for heart disease, and hypertension drugs are some medicine that is made from the venom produced by snakes.
  • Most serpents are non-venomous, and the Green Anaconda is the heaviest recorded snake.
  • Serpents are known to lay eggs; however, some can give live births too.
  • Snakes can eat their prey whole.
  • Snakes use their tongue to smell the air.

FAQs About National Serpent Day

Who invented the concept of National Serpent Day?

The history of National Serpent day is relatively unknown.

What are some requirements in order to celebrate National Serpent Day?

There are no such requirements to celebrate the National Serpent Day, but serpents lovers can actually enjoy the day by celebrating their favorite organism.

What are some events related to National Serpent Day?

The release of 'Cope's Findings' and 'Biology Of The Reptilia' can be related to the day of Serpents.

What is the motto of National Serpent Day?

The motto of this Day of Serpents is to eliminate the idea that snakes can be evil and to treat them like any other organism on earth.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
February 01, 2020 Saturday
February 01, 2021 Monday
February 01, 2022 Tuesday
February 01, 2023 Wednesday
February 01, 2024 Thursday

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