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National Shamu The Whale Day

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Where is National Shamu The Whale Day celebrated?  

National Shamu The Whale Day is celebrated in the United States.

Who is National Shamu The Whale Day celebrated by?

It is celebrated by all the whale lovers who want to protect the captive orcas and free them in SeaWorld. 

When did National Shamu The Whale Day first start?

The National Shamu The Whale Day first started on September 26th, 1985, as the first surviving baby Shamu was born in captivity on that day.

Who started National Shamu The Whale Day?

The SeaWorld started this celebration to raise awareness about whales in captivity.

Orcas or Killer whales travel in pods and make sounds to communicate.

History And Timeline

Shamu, the Whale Day celebration, is celebrated on September 26, each year to raise awareness of Killer whales, Orcas safety and honor the SeaWorld orca shows 'Shamu.' Shamu is popular among all. Shamu was an Orcas (killer whale) that appeared at SeaWorld San Diego shows conducted in the mid-'60s. She was caught in October 1965. She was the fourth Orca captured in captivity and the second female Orca. She performed for six years and ended her life in August 1971. Even after her death, the name 'Shamu' continued to be used for different Orcas in SeaWorld shows. Orcas have hard miserable life; they are starved to get trained. Until 1971, an incident happened when Annette Eckis, who was employed in the park for a publicity stunt, was riding on her back, was bitten by the Orca, and was injured. Many such incidents took place.


October 1965

Shamu Was Caught

The Orca (Killer whale) 'Shamu' was caught.

August 16, 1971

Shamu Says Goodbye!

After performing for six years, Shamu said goodbye to the world on August 16, 1971.

September 26, 1985

The First Surviving Baby Orca

'Kalina' the first surviving orca, was born on September 26, 1985, in captivity.

March 2016

The Last Generation Of Orcas In SeaWorld's Care.

SeaWorld announced the ending of the Orca breeding programs.

February 2, 1993

Kalina's First Calf Born

'Keet' Kalina's first calf was born on this day.

Traditions And Customs

Shamu was a famous whale in the SeaWorld shows conducted by SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment. Everyone enjoyed the show, and it was fun to watch. This day is celebrated in honor of Shamu and gave a chance for people to visit the SeaWorld Parks and enjoy the performances from other killer whales. The whales become aggressive when kept in captivity as they lose their freedom and stay away from their babies; these animals are maltreated and exploited in the name of entertainment, which needs to be stopped. Many organizations conduct public awareness on wildlife conservation on social platforms, and few donate to organizations dedicated to helping marine mammals.

Ways To Celebrate National Shamu The Whale Day

The National Shamu the Whale Day is a day to raise awareness about Orcas. Orcas are beautiful creatures and should live in the deep blue ocean. So, the best way to celebrate September 26th is to spread awareness about the whales living captive by social media, support whale conservation groups by donating or joining help save orca ad other SeaWorld Species, or watch documentaries about orcas instead of going to the parks.

Facts And Stats

  • Shamu, the whale, was initially caught as a companion for Namu, a male killer whale. Learn about such interesting facts this time on National Shamu The Whale Day.
  • To celebrate National Shamu The Whale Day, people are encouraged to watch documentaries about Orcas (Killer whales) on this particular day.
  • On National Shamu The Whale Day raise awareness about Orcas, killer whales by posting videos or stories on Facebook, Instagram, or any other social platform.

FAQs About National Shamu The Whale Day

Is Shamu dead?

Shamu died on August 16, 1971.

What is the significance of Shamu The Whale Day?

This day signifies the splendor and heroics of remarkable orcas in the SeaWorld shows.

Where can you see wild Orcas?

Wild Orcas are better in their natural habitats; however, people can find them in shows organized by SeaWorld Parks.

What is the history & origin of Shamu The Whale Day?

National Shamu The Whale Day is an honor given to 'Shamu,' the first female Orca for her performance at SeaWorld San Diego, who died a heroic death.

How does this day help in Orca conservation?

By joining and supporting whale conservation groups and helping them save orcas suffering in captivity.

How can you get people to help conserve orcas on this day?

On this day, awareness can be brought via social media about the captive whales, post articles, or information from groups dedicated to whale conservation.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
September 26, 2020 Saturday
September 26, 2021 Sunday
September 26, 2022 Monday
September 26, 2023 Tuesday
September 26, 2024 Thursday

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