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National Shapewear Day

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Where is National Shapewear Day celebrated?

This special day is mainly celebrated across the various regions of the USA.

Who is celebrates National Shapewear Day?

On August 10, people from various places in the US come together to celebrate National Shapewear Day.

When did National Shapewear Day start?

This first celebration of this important day took place in the year 2017.

Who started National Shapewear Day?

This day was established in 2017 by the Pink Room, which was later proclaimed in the same year by the Registrar at National Day Calendar.

National Shapewear Day was established in the year 2017.

History And Timeline

The evidence from archaeological surveys suggests shapewear has been found in ancient Rome and Greece. In the form of corsets, shapewear was also an integral part of women's clothing in Europe. This day promotes body confidence, empowering women of all shapes and sizes to be confident in their skin. The day reminds us how shapewear has evolved to reach its modern form.

Sixth century BC onwards

The Ancient History Of Shapewear

The first shapewear were the girdles ancient Greek women used. Ancient Roman wore corsets transformed into steel corsets in the 16th century.

19th and 20th century

Shapewear Of The Changing World

In the Victoria era, corsets made of whale bones and other materials were used to mold feminine figures into an hourglass. During the 2oth century, looking thin was essential for women. As a result, camisoles and teddies dominated the market. These helped them achieve the highly desired body confidence.

21st century

Shapewear Of the Present Era

The size and shape of the shapewear have gone through many innovations. They do not conform to the standard notions of size anymore. They are much easier and more comfortable to wear, boosting confidence in the people wearing them. It was the first time idea of being positive started.


First Celebration Of This Day

In this year, this particular day was created by The Pink Room to celebrate the rich history of shapewear that has been in existence for a very long time.


Shapermint Celebration

On August 10, Shapermint took to the streets of New York City and gave out free shapewear to break the shapewear taboo and anti-body positive sentiment. The famous TV personality Eboni K Williams was a part of the event.

Traditions And Customs

Being comfortable in your skin is perhaps the most important duty. For a woman typically, this is of prime importance. Therefore, this particular day is celebrated to ensure body positivity among people and create a sense of self-assurance in them.

Ways to Observe Or Celebrate National Shapewear Day

You can make the most out of this day by wearing your favorite shapers, or you can even go out and shop some more, according to your body shape. Shapemint primarily celebrated this day as they took to the streets of New York City and gave out free shapewear, visiting popular locations like Madison Square Park and Bryant Park. Eboni K Williams was also a part of the event.

Facts And Stats

  • The shapewear of recent times comes in various shapes and sizes, so women feel confident and ensure a body-positive attitude. This day celebrates the importance of understanding the evolution of shapewear into more comfortable clothing.
  • Eboni K. Williams, a popular TV host, was a part of the event organized by Shapermint as she, along with others, roamed through the streets of Madison Square Park and Bryant Park.
  • Shapermint's initiative on this day was part of their 'Celebrate Your Shape, Wear Confidence' to challenge anti-body positive sentiment.

FAQs About National Shapewear Day

When was Vedette shapewear created, and what is its significance on National Shapewear Day?

Vedette Shapewear was created in 1979 and since then has been among the largest producers of shapewear that comes in a variety of sizes and shapes, according to women's preference.

What are some advantages of National Shapewear Day?

This day promotes body positivity and helps women be comfortable in their skin and bodies.

Who led National Shapewear Day?

This special day was established by The Pink Room in 2017.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
August 10, 2020 Monday
August 10, 2021 Tuesday
August 10, 2022 Wednesday
August 10, 2023 Thursday
August 10, 2024 Saturday

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