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National Silence The Shame Day

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Where is National Silence The Shame Day observed?

This day is observed all over the USA.

Who is National Silence The Shame Day observed by?

This day is observed by mental health experts and people who value mental health.

When did National Silence The Shame Day first start?

This day was first observed in 2017.

Who started National Silence The Shame Day?

It is said that this day was the initiative of Shanti Das, founder of Silence The Shame non-profit organization.

Silence The Shame Day helps fight the stigma associated with shame and enables people to seek the help they need.

History And Timeline

Here is a timeline of how Silence The Shame Day came into existence.

Before The 1700s

Mental Health Was A Stigma.

Before the 1700s, people with mental health conditions were considered religiously cursed.


Mental Hygiene Movement Began.

A school teacher named Dorothea Dix created the Mental Hygiene Movement saying people with mental illnesses needed better support.


First Outpatient Mental Health Clinic Founded

Clifford Beers founded the first outpatient clinic in 1908. Before this, patients had to get admitted to an asylum to get treatment.


Silence The Shame Inc. Founded.

Silence The Shame Inc. was a non-profit organization founded by Shanti Das that talked about the importance of dealing with shame with the aim to raise awareness.


Popularity Of This Day Soared.

Since 2018, this day has been considered a national event and observed every day on May 5 as a part of promoting mental health and wellness.

Traditions And Customs

Every year, the non-profit organization Silence The Shame creates elaborate events and social media efforts to bring more awareness against the stigma associated with mental illness.

People reach out to the community and talk about seeking treatment and counseling sessions for the guilt and stress associated with shame.

There are many support groups and individuals who make this day more special by raising awareness and reaching out to the affected people.

Ways To Observe National Silence The Shame Day

If you know anyone going through anxiety, distress, and associated symptoms of shame, then reach out to them and offer them resources that can help.

If you are a mental health expert, then use the day to contribute to the mental wellness of one or more patients, organize camps, or offer free counseling to the less privileged.

You can distribute resources that offer education against shame to your family members and friends to make them aware of what shame can do.

Facts And Stats

  • Studies show that one in five Americans suffer from some kind of mental health issue. This day helps shed light on such issues.
  • Mental illness is more common than problems like cancer or heart disease, but most people don't speak up. This day can help break the barrier.
  • Some other days related to Silence The Shame Day are World Mental Health Day, International Mind-Body Wellness Day, World Teen Mental Wellness Day, and more.

FAQs About National Silence The Shame Day

How do families observe Silence The Shame Day?

Families can observe this day by focusing on mind-related wellness within the family and helping members in need get the right professional support and stay away from any kind of stigma.

Who encouraged the observation of Silence The Shame Day?

Shanti Das, a philanthropist, created the Silence The Shame Movement to empower those struggling with mental illness.

What are some events related to Silence The Shame Day?

Related days include Mental Health Day, Time to Talk Day, and more.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
May 05, 2020 Tuesday
May 05, 2021 Wednesday
May 05, 2022 Thursday
May 05, 2023 Friday
May 05, 2024 Sunday

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