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National Singles Day

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Where is National Singles Day celebrated? 

National Singles Day is an excuse to celebrate single life and recognize singles for their contributions to society. This day is celebrated all over the United States of America.

Who is National Singles Day celebrated by?

This day is celebrated primarily by the single population of the country. Even those who are not single themselves celebrate this day by showering love and appreciation on their single friends or family members. Furthermore, the Buckeye Singles Council, a well-known organization dedicated to single people, also takes part in this day.

When did National Singles Day first start? 

This special holiday to celebrate one's single status was first started in the '80s. However, during that time, the day was celebrated on a different date.

In 2017, National Singles Day was shifted to be celebrated on a Saturday that occurs during National Singles Week. National Singles Week spans over the third full week and is dedicated to highlighting successful single living.

Who started National Singles Day?

National Singles Day was started by the Buckeye Singles Council, located in Columbus, Ohio. The Buckeye Singles Council was also responsible for starting National Singles Week.

The popularity of this week prompted the U.S. Census Bureau to release statistics about the number of single people in the country. This had never been done before. In 2017, the Bureau reported that nearly half of the US population is comprised of single people.

National Singles Day started in the '80s.

History And Timeline

Apart from the history of National Singles Day, statistics related to singles in the country and pop culture also highlight how the single lifestyle is gaining ground. Continue reading to find out all about it!


First National Singles Day

With the establishment of National Singles Week, a National Singles Day was also created by the Buckeye Singles Council, located in Columbus, Ohio.


Release of 'Single Ladies'

Beyonce's song 'Single Ladies' addressing single women, became an instant hit and topped the charts.


Increasing Single Population

More than half of the US population was single, and outnumbered the married population.


National Singles Day Shifted

National Singles Day was shifted to the month of September so that it would coincide with National Singles Week.


Singles Statistics

A survey showed 50% of single people in the US do not feel the need to date or find a partner.

Traditions And Customs

Most commonly, this day is utilized to underline the contributions that a single person makes to society. For instance, it has been observed that single people tend to perform more charitable acts. Additionally, more single people actively take care of their elderly and aging parents in comparison to married couples. So, this holiday can be observed by breaking the idea that 'single' means something wrong or negative.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National Singles Day

If you are a single person yourself, use this day to celebrate your amazing self with a fine dining meal and a party (or multiple parties). You can also gather all your single friends and take a long break from work to have a fun vacation anywhere in the world.

On the other hand, if you have a partner, then utilize this day to honor your single friends and family members. You can also spread positivity about being single. Furthermore, if you know any single parents, this could be an opportunity to help them out.

Facts And Stats

  • National Singles Day is not only celebrated in the USA. Countries like China and Great Britain also have their own days to celebrate single people!
  • The reason for observing National Singles Day in China is different from the purpose of celebrating this day! The day was created to emphasize the gender inequality in the population due to the one-child policy adopted to control the population boom.
  • This day is the perfect example of celebrating self-love and you can also pick up books to read on this topic, like 'Spinster: Making a Life of One's Own' by Kate Bolick. There are many books that describe the life experiences of single men, single elderly people, and other singles.

FAQs About National Singles Day

What day is National Single People Day?

There is no National Single People Day, but National Singles Day takes place on the third or fourth Saturday of September each year. 

How do we celebrate National Singles Day?

This day is celebrated by single people by going out to dinner, going on a vacation, and sharing stories on social media to prove that being single is not a negative thing. 

When is National Singles Day?

In 2022, National Singles Day will be on September 24.

How is National Singles Day different from National Couple's Day?

National Couple's Day is observed on August 18 and is a celebration of couples and their bond. Whereas, National Singles Day celebrates being single.

What are some similarities between National Singles Day and Couple's Day?

Both these days are celebrations of love. While National Couple's Day highlights the love shared between two partners, National Singles Day is an event dedicated to promoting self-love. 

What are some cost-effective advantages of National Singles Day?

The most cost-effective advantage of this day is that one does not necessarily have to spend money to buy a gift on this day.

What do people say about National Singles Day?

Most people like the idea of this day and appreciate how it is used to break all the stereotypes about single people.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
September 26, 2020 Saturday
September 25, 2021 Saturday
September 24, 2022 Saturday
September 23, 2023 Saturday
September 21, 2024 Saturday

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