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National Sled Dog Day

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Where is National Sled Dog Day celebrated? 

This day is mostly celebrated in US and Canada and is celebrated to honor the sled dogs who helped save lives in Alaska by sled dog racing. New Hampshire has quite a history in sled dog racing, and several major racing events are held there, which attract lots of people from across Canada and the US.

Another race is held in Laconia, which usually has races of short distances. A 60 mi (95.5 km) mid-distance race is held in Sandwich. Mushers can run these trails with their dog sledding teams and raise awareness about the brave and loyal animals.

Who is National Sled Dog Day celebrated by?

The origin of the National Sled Dog Day and its founder is unknown to this day.

Sled dogs are actually still used as a mode of transportation by certain rural communities in Canada, Alaska, and Greenland; the natives and the mushers who control the dogs celebrate this day even today by organizing and participating in races.

When did National Sled Dog Day first start?

On February 2, 1925, about 20 Iditarod mushers and hundreds of dogs ran 674 mi (1084.7 km) in less than a day to save the lives of people in Nome, Alaska.

Balto, a Siberian husky, led its team of dogs for the last 53 mi (85.3 km) to deliver the antitoxin serum and saved several lives. That day the dog was named a hero, and in honor of those sled dogs, people started celebrating this day.

Who started National Sled Dog Day?

The founder of this day and its origins are still unknown.

Sled dogs have been known to be very useful in areas with snow.

History And Timeline

Sled dogs have been in existence for the last 35,000 years but have only helped man in the last 3,000 years when people who belonged to the fishing and hunting communities were forced to move further north towards Siberia, Alaska, Canada, and Greenland.

3000 years ago

Start Of Sled Dogs

Sled dogs began to help humans travel through the snow during this time.


Serum Run To Nome

Mushers and sled dogs helped save the Alaskan town of Nome from a diphtheria epidemic by delivering antitoxins at the correct time.


Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race

This iconic race through the snow started in 1973 and will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2022.


'Balto' Released

The movie celebrating the well-known Balto, the dog who helped in the Serum Run of 1925, was released.


'Togo' Released

Willem Dafoe stars as Leonhard Seppala in the 2019 Disney movie 'Togo' centering on the dog who did the majority of the work during the Serum Run.

Traditions And Customs

While there aren't any specific rules or customs to follow, different individuals celebrate this in their own way.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National Sled Dog Day

There are several ways to honor the brave dogsled team.

In honor of this day, various races are organized, like the Iditarod Race or the Yukon Quest, which you can enjoy watching annually. You can also pick this day to donate to charities and organizations that care for dogs and other animals.

You can even go out of your way to rescue or adopt huskies that are being used in sick conditions for the benefit of people. Another way of honoring this day is by joining hands with PETA, who are constantly working to spread awareness about the mistreatment of animals.

Facts And Stats

  • The sled dogs are a breed of Alaskan husky, hound, and Collie or Irish settlers. This makes them strong enough to bear the winter and also pull the dog sleds. This day celebrates these brave dogs.
  • This day is a reminder of the brave sled dogs who used to supply mails and other important supplies to gold miners during the withering conditions of the Alaskan Gold Rush.
  • This day also commemorates the bravery of Balto, a Siberian husky, the lead dog who battled the winter conditions and helped deliver antitoxin serums with the help of its dog team to help save hundreds of lives battling with diphtheria in Nome, Alaska. The movie 'Balto' was based on this husky.

FAQs About National Sled Dog Day

Is the Iditarod 2021 Cancelled?

Yes, the race officials announced on February 5, 2021, that they had canceled the Iditarod 2021.

How many dogs died in the Iditarod 2020?

During the Iditarod 2020, 796 dogs started the race, out of which 488 dropped out. No dogs were reported dead during the race.

Why were sled dogs killed?

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) stated that sled dogs were only killed if they were disease-ridden.

How many humans have died in the Iditarod?

No human has ever died in the Iditarod.

What is the significance of National Sled Dog Day?

The National Sled Dog day is celebrated to honor the sled dogs who help in the transportation of goods and other items for the people living in snowy areas.

Who started national sled dog day and when?

The origin and founder of the National Sled Dog Day are unknown.

How do people follow national sled dog day?

People use this day as a means to raise awareness and volunteer for sick and homeless dogs.

In which countries do people follow national sled dog day?

This day is celebrated widely in Canada, Alaska, and Greenland.

When is national sled dog day in 2021?

National Sled Dog Day was on Tuesday, February 2, 2021.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
February 01, 2020 Saturday
February 01, 2021 Monday
February 01, 2022 Tuesday
February 01, 2023 Wednesday
February 01, 2024 Thursday

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