National Sloppy Joe Day
March 18, 2023

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Have you tried a Sloppy Joe sandwich? These sandwiches have a rich history. Americans have been devouring them for at least the last 90 years! National Sloppy Joe Day is celebrated every year on March 18 and is a favorite holiday for many! A Sloppy Joe is a tasty sandwich made of beef, pork, onions and garnished with tomato or Worcestershire sauce. Depending on the recipe, it has many names and can have a sweet taste or a barbecue flavor.

Where is National Sloppy Joe Day celebrated?  

This day is celebrated all over America as a tribute to the most delicious sandwiches of all time, the Sloppy Joe!

Who is National Sloppy Joe Day celebrated by?

The day is celebrated by sandwich lovers all over the country, both children and adults.

When did National Sloppy Joe Day first start?

The origin of celebrating this fun national holiday is unknown, but it has been observed for quite a few years!

Who started National Sloppy Joe Day?

There are many claims regarding the founder of the Sloppy Joe sandwich and this national holiday, but no specific evidence has been found. The sandwich could have originated in a bar in Cuba in the '20s or Sioux City, Iowa in 1934. But, one thing can be confirmed, the Sloppy Joe sandwich has been a part of the American menu for over 91 years, and its popularity is not dying down any soon!

People are enjoying their favorite Sloppy Joes.

History And Timeline

Let's dig into the history of Sloppy Joes!


First Sandwich

A bartender called Joe in Havana, Cuba, was known for his delicious sandwiches! He served a simple sandwich of ground beef and tomato sauce which was a hit among the locals. Many people claim that this was the first Sloppy Joe recipe in the world.


Another Origin Story

Mayor Sweeney of Maplewood went to a bar and eatery in Cuba called 'Sloppy Joes' where he was served a 'sloppy special' sandwich. It was made of rye bread and had ham, swiss cheese, and different seasonings. He was so impressed that on his return he asked one of the Town Hall Deli's owners, Fred Heinz, to recreate it! Hence, many believe the Town Hall Deli in South Orange, USA, is the birthplace of the Sloppy Joe!


Hemmingway's Havanna Sandwiches

Around the same time, Nobel prize winner Ernest Hemmingway who visited the Havanna bar in 1928, suggested his friend Joe Russel, who owned a restaurant in Florida, serve Sloppy Joe sandwiches as Havanna sandwiches.


Sloppy's Movie Debut

In 1941, this beef sandwich was first shown in a movie. The movie was 'Citizen Kane'.


Discovery Of Manwich

The famous ketchup maker 'Hunt' introduced a sauce called 'Manwich', which helped people make the classic sandwich more conveniently. Recipes were now recreated with ground beef, pork, and chicken.

Traditions And Customs

A Sloppy Joe sandwich is one of America's most loved dishes, and people have been eating it for the last 90 years! There are over 100 Sloppy Joe eateries in each state, so you can either eat at your favorite bar or can discover a new one! You can also make your sandwich at home or learn a new cooking method to make the sandwiches taste even better.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National Sloppy Joe Day

Treat your taste buds to various Sloppy Joe recipes on this day! Make the classic version with ground beef and tomato sauce, or experiment with a Sloppy Joe biscuit casserole. This new recipe is served with onions, green peppers, and sauce in thin bread and is perfect for a weekend party! You can also use ground turkey or chicken instead of beef. You can also go out to have a Sloppy Joe from your favorite eatery or you can host a barbeque for your friends and family.

Facts And Stats

  • More than 50,000 Sloppy Joes are sold each year in the Sloppy Joe Bar in Key West, Florida. So visit this iconic place on this day.
  • Sloppy Joe has a healthier sister, called the 'Sloppy Jane' which has lower calories and a lighter taste. So, you can also enjoy this day in a healthy way!
  • Sloppy Joes taste sweeter in North America and have more of a barbecue flavor in the south. Other popular names of this sandwich are Spanish hamburgers, Manwich, and dynamite.

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