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National Something On A Stick Day

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Where is National Something On A Stick Day celebrated?  

 This day is celebrated in the U.S.

Who celebrates National Something On A Stick Day?

 This day is celebrated by everyone who loves to eat, across the U.S.

When did National Something On A Stick Day first start?

The first celebration of this day is not known.

Who started National Something On A Stick Day?

The founder of this day is not known.

Try out a hot dog on a stick with your friends on this day!

History And Timeline

Food on a stick has existed for centuries. Let's see what achievements are celebrated on this day!

300,000 years ago

First Evidence

Sticks used to cook meat in the open were discovered in Germany. It was believed to be used for cooking as the tips were burnt.


Food Items Offering

A street food called yakitori or chicken on a stick was created and widely sold in Japan.


Accidental Popsicles

In the freezing winters, a boy from San Francisco developed popsicles when he left a sweet soda mix outside, to find it frozen in the morning. The frozen mix could be consumed, leading to the invention of popsicles.


Let's Go Corny!

A joint called, Cozy Dog Drive-In, is believed to be the first restaurant to serve corn dogs on a stick.


Kebabs Travel The World

Invented in Turkey, shish kebabs were introduced to the Greeks, who added vegetables to the dish. When they reached America, the kebab pieces on the stick became larger.

Traditions And Customs

There are no such traditions related to this but one can have all their meals on a stick. You can munch on delicious cotton candy, candy apples, ice pops, cupcake pops, and caramel apples. Make a bunch of toffee apples with your loved ones and make unforgettable memories.

To show your creative side, you can garnish dishes with cheese cubes. Many people sit by the fireside while enjoying a hot dog with their friends and have a toffee apple or ice cream bar for dessert.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National Something On A Stick Day

Show off your creative side by garnishing the foods that you prepared on sticks with cheese cubes or caramel, to make the dish look even more mouth-watering.

You can also celebrate by calling your close friends and having a snack-themed party or an outdoor party. You can prepare food like hot dogs for dinner or toffee apples as a sweet dish. Just start munching, share your stories, and have fun! You can also venture out, eat your favorite flavor ice cream bar, and have fun by enjoying the day to the fullest!

Facts And Stats

  • An informative fact to remember on National Something On A Stick Day is that skewers have one pointy end to pick up food.
  • When using wooden skewers to make something, it is best to keep the skewers in water from 30 minutes to an hour before using them, as this keeps the skewer from getting burnt. This is an important tip to remember when you are celebrating National Something On A Stick Day.
  • On March 28, National Black Forest Cake Day is celebrated. So, after having something on a stick, you can gorge on some black forest cake on this day.
  • Just nine days before this day, National Corndog Day is celebrated. The celebration for this day can start nine days earlier!
  • One recipe that you can try on this day is souvlaki, a dish from Greece served with any kind of meat on a stick!

FAQs About National Something On A Stick Day

Question: What is the significance of National Something On A Stick Day?

The significance of this day is that it celebrates the legacy of cooking and eating food on a stick or skewers.

How is National Something On A Stick Day different from National Chopsticks Day?

National Something On A Stick Day is celebrated on March 28. People celebrate National Chopsticks Day on February 6. Both are annual celebrations. Chopsticks are used to eat food whereas sticks are usually used to hold food, making it easier to eat.

How does this day affect people psychologically or emotionally?

This day makes people happy because they get to taste a variety of food on a stick from street vendors or street fairs.

What is the history and origin of National Something On A Stick Day?

The history and origin of this day are unknown.

Why do people love National Something On A Stick Day?

People love this day because they get to try out different types of food items sold out on a stick and many people claim it is fun.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
March 28, 2020 Saturday
March 28, 2021 Sunday
March 28, 2022 Monday
March 28, 2023 Tuesday
March 28, 2024 Thursday

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