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National Sour Candy Day

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Where is National Sour Candy Day celebrated?

 The National Sour Candy Day is celebrated in the majority of regions of the United States. 

Who is National Sour Candy Day celebrated by?

National Sour Candy day is celebrated by the people who love to eat sour candies in the United States, children and adults alike.

When did National Sour Candy Day first start?

 2015 is the year when the first National Sour Candy Day was celebrated. 

Who started National Sour Candy Day?

 The American Licorice Company declared National Sour Candy Day on September 14, 2015. 

Different citric acid-flavored and cane sugar-flavored candies are available in the market.

History And Timeline

 In earlier times also, people enjoyed sour flavored candies. Sour candies evolved through different historical events. Read on to know the emergence of sour candies in the US. 

19th Century 

Sour Candies Get A Bad Reputation 

Candies already had a bad reputation in the market. Therefore candy makers were not ready to experiment with a sour taste in the candies. They were okay with producing regular-flavored candies.


Halloween And Candies 

This was the time when candy makers linked candies to Halloween. Those who celebrated Halloween during that time knew that candies were one significant addition to the festival. 


Sour Candies Grab The Limelight 

Finally, in 1962, a candy-making company launched atomic fireball candy that had the best sour punch taste in it. This also brought sour skittles and other sour sweets into the market. 


Sour Candy Craze 

The founder of Foreign Candy Co. brought new flavors of sour candies from Thailand. This made a huge impact on the sour candy market of the US. 


Foundation Of National Sour Candy Day 

The American Licorice Company finally established a special day to honor different sour candies in 2015.

Traditions And Customs

No official tradition or custom is associated with National Sour Candy Day. 

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National Sour Candy Day 

Most people celebrate it by grabbing their favorite chewy twists and sour pucker foods. Besides that, people also share pictures on the internet using special hashtags while enjoying sour pucker and candies. 

You can happily celebrate this day by visiting candy shops and tasting different varieties of sour candies. You can also try out different varieties of sweets with friends and families. 

Facts And Stats

Sour Punch, a sour candy brand, celebrated this day in 2020 by bringing back the fan-favorite grape sour candy flavor.

In honor of this day, Warheads, a super-sour candy, went on sale.

Founders of this day celebrate this day by hosting events both online and offline to attract more audiences and share their collective love for sour candies!

Many people also host competitions among friends and family who get together on this day to try new flavors and combinations of sour candy.

FAQs About National Sour Candy Day

What day is National Sour Candy Day? 

National Sour Candy Day is celebrated annually on July 18.

What is the number one sour candy? 

The sour Brite Crawlers Trolli is considered the number one sour candy with the best sour taste. 

What is the significance of National Sour Candy Day? 

The significance of sour candy day is to honor the puckering and sour punch taste of different sour candies. 

Who invented sour candy? 

Sour Candy was invented by Peter De Yager. 

Who started National Sour Candy Day? 

The American Licorice Company founded National Sour Candy Day. 

How do people celebrate National Sour Candy Day? 

People take a break from regular old candy delights and try different sour fruits, citric acid sweets, and tasty varieties of sour punch sweets. Some people also host special events like the Best Pucker Competition or Mouth Pucker Event. 

What are the history and origins of the National Sour Candy Day?

The history of National Sour Candy Day dates back to the 19th Century when lemon-flavored sour punch candy was made available in the market.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
July 18, 2020 Saturday
July 18, 2021 Sunday
July 18, 2022 Monday
July 18, 2023 Tuesday
July 18, 2024 Thursday

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