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National Speech Pathologist Day

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Where is National Speech Pathologist Day celebrated?

On May 18, individuals celebrate thousands of speech pathologists across the USA. Better Speech and Language month is observed in May. It's for doctors who specialize in assessing, evaluating, and therapy swallowing, communication, and voice disorders. SLPs are experts in both language and speech, including social issues and communication comprehension. Speech Pathology Week aims to raise awareness of the speech pathology profession and speech pathologists' services. SLPs are associated with health professionals who work in the medical field. In addition, they collaborate with families, caretakers, and other professionals, like nurses, teachers, doctors, and occupational therapists. 

Who is National Speech Pathologist Day celebrated by?

On May 18, the People of America consistently honor the nation's speech therapists. They play an integral role in helping the many speech deficient people in the country (and the world) with the ability to communicate with everyone around them.

When did National Speech Pathologist Day first start?

The United States announced May 18 to be National Speech Pathologist Day in 2010.

Who started National Speech Pathologist Day?

It's unknown who established this day for the first time.

Speech pathologists are communication experts who concentrate on language, fluency, voice, and swallowing, among other aspects of speech.

History And Timeline


Speech Pathology's Initial Stage

In the early '20s, the speech pathology field began to acquire popularity.


Speech Correction Academy Founded

The American Academy of Speech Correction was founded in 1926.


SpeechEasy Was Discovered

SpeechEasy was created in 2001 and is a blend of proven technologies and strategies that can be used to eliminate stuttering and improve communication effectiveness and confidence.


National Speech Pathologist Day

The United States declared May 18 as National Speech Pathologist Day in 2010.


Demand For Speech Therapists

From 2020-2030, the demand for speech therapists is expected to increase by 29%.

Traditions And Customs

They assist people in communicating more effectively and efficiently in general. In addition, they aid in the evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of speech-language disorders.

At any age, vocabulary intervention may be required. Some communication impairments emerge later in life, whereas others are present from birth. The reasons behind this vary as well. Some may be caused by genetic disorders, while others may result from an illness or accident. Individuals of all ages, from babies to the elderly, benefit from the services of vocabulary therapists. They could work in schools, clinics, or long-term care homes. SLPs instruct adults and children on how to create sounds, enhance their voices, and retain fluency; they also assist individuals in improving their written and oral vocabulary as well as sentence structure. They work with kids and adults to develop strong swallowing muscles, and they counsel families and individuals on how to deal with interaction.

Cornerstone Rehab's speech pathologists are experts in caring for senior citizens in long-term care settings, such as nursing homes. For example, the elderly might develop a stutter due to neurogenic causes as they get older. In addition, they look after elders who have disorders or disabilities caused by various ailments, including stroke, traumatic brain injury, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, and genetic disorders.

Ways To Celebrate National Speech Pathologist Day

Better Speech and Language Month, which runs from May 1 to May 31, aims to increase awareness about speech, voice, hearing, and language disorders. In addition, World Speech Day is a day devoted to honoring talks or public speeches across the globe with live public speaking activities.

Vocabulary therapists are unique in various ways, including their dedication to making a difference in their lives, their inventiveness, their devotion to lifelong learning, and their concentration on educating and inspiring others. If you have a speech pathologist in your life, there is no better opportunity to celebrate and thank them than during National Speech Pathologist Day! Hospitals, schools, and workplaces are the top three practice settings for SLPs.

Facts And Stats

In the '20s, the study of speech pathology began to acquire popularity. As troops returned home with catastrophic brain injuries after participating in brutal wars, demand for speech pathology surged. This indeed amplified the importance of SLP and gave birth to this day.

Speech-Language Pathology grew and developed over the next hundred years into a practice that provides a wide range of services to clients of all ages; hence, the acknowledgment of SLP grew over time.

Both Better Speech and Language Month and National Speech Pathologist Day are celebrated annually in the month of May.

FAQs About National Speech Pathologist Day

Are speech pathologists considered doctors?

Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) with a Ph.D. (or equivalent doctorate) have gained the privilege of being called 'Doctor' in most North American settings.

What is the significance of this day?

SLPs are in charge of evaluating and treating speech and language disorders, but they also do a lot more. They can also assess and treat swallowing, cognitive impairment, and hearing issues.

What is the highest salary of a speech pathologist?

In 2020, the median salary for SLPs was $80,480. That year, the top 25 % earned $101,110, while the bottom 25 % earned $62,790.

Is there a shortage of speech-language pathologists?

Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) are limited in number in the United States.

Is SLP a stressful job?

School-based SLPs indicated greater job satisfaction and low levels of work stress in general. Employment difficulties posed a more significant barrier to SLPs than student-related problems.

Is there a demand for speech pathologists?

Speech-Language Pathologists' employment is thought to expand by 29% between 2020-2030, quicker than usual for all occupations. Over the next 10 years, an average of 15,200 jobs for Speech-Language Pathologists are expected.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
May 17, 2020 Sunday
May 17, 2021 Monday
May 17, 2022 Tuesday
May 17, 2023 Wednesday
May 17, 2024 Friday

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