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National STEAM Day

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Where is National STEAM Day celebrated? 

National STEAM/STEM Day is celebrated throughout the United States.

Who is National STEAM Day celebrated by?

National STEAM Day is celebrated by people in the STEM/STEAM fields who wish to expand the world of science, innovation, and technology throughout the world. The day is advocated by scientists, engineers, mathematicians, and artists alike.

When did National STEAM Day first start?

The first National STEAM Day celebration was held in 2015.

Who started National STEAM Day?

National STEAM Day was created by MGA Entertainment.

National STEAM Day is an important celebration!

History And Timeline

National STEAM Day began in 2015 by MGA Entertainment, a company that encourages girls to take further steps in educating themselves in STEAM/STEM subjects. The day was created to motivate kids to pursue STEAM subjects and to close the gender gap that is prevalent in almost every industry around the world but particularly in STEAM-related occupations.


AP Courses

AP classes, also known as Advanced Placement, was introduced by the College Board. The courses focused on educating high school kids in college-level science courses like AP physics, AP chemistry, and AP biology.


Religion Vs. Science

The Arkansas State Law prohibiting the teaching of the theory of evolution was lifted by the US Supreme Court, allowing kids in the state to learn about evolution.


Moon Landing

Apollo 11 landed on the moon with three US astronauts, and this achievement inspired many aspiring children to pursue careers in science with the hopes of achieving the same dream.


Physics Became Popular

Students across the United States pushed for the growth of physics and its studies rather than studying biology in the ninth grade. This change allowed students to study advanced chemistry and biology in the following years to come.


Science Sat Back

A handful of lawmakers across the United States passed a dozen bills that endangered the virtue of science and other important technological education. These bills were thought to have been passed to undermine the threat of climate change and the study of evolution.

Traditions And Customs

Ever since its inception in 2015, National STEAM/STEM Day has been celebrated annually. The celebrations of the day focus on an individual's ability to solve problems and create knowledge through the study of STEAM subjects.

Today it has become customary to teach kids about the importance of STEM subjects and their impact on the world. STEM activities are also held on National STEAM/STEM Day to promote science, technology, engineering, art, and math to catch the attention of those who have the aptitude for these fields.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National STEAM Day

Observing or celebrating National STEAM Day is fairly easy if you know what you are doing! If you are an ex-STEAM student, you can observe this day by brushing up on your STEAM skills.

You can also educate your kids about the importance of invention, critical thinking, reasoning skills, and problem-solving that can be achieved through the learning system STEAM subjects offer like science and math.

You can also educate your friends and family about the importance of STEAM/STEM subjects. Movies like 'Big Hero 6' (a movie where the main character forms his superhero team) and 'Spare Parts' (based on a true story about students from a high school who form a robotics club to compete against the MIT) are great examples of incorporating the importance of technology.

Facts And Stats

  • National STEAM/STEM Day is celebrated as a national event in the United States to promote the importance of science and technology. It's celebrated by hosting events that show children the amazing possibilities and advancements in technology made possible through STEAM.
  • Various studies have confirmed that familiarizing kids as young as six or seven years old with STEAM education can develop their emotional skills and rational thinking, and parents and teachers aim to do just that on this day.
  • Statistics reveal that only a small percentage of American kids pursue STEM fields. However, the growth of STEM jobs in the United States dwarfed the growth of non STEM jobs in the early 2000s. These facts convey the importance of this national day that promotes overall development and education.
  • Early 2000 studies showed that American kids were underachieving in STEM fields compared to other countries. The report also indicated that the global economy would be affected poorly if science, technology, math, and art weren't prioritized by the government. This is why National STEAM Day and what it stands for are considered vital.
  • To promote the day and the importance of encouraging girls to delve into the world of science, MGA Entertainment produced a Netflix Original Series called 'Project Mc².' The story follows four leading girls with STEM backgrounds who create 'Nov 8,' pronounced 'innovate.' The choice of 'Nov 8' as the name was the reason why National STEAM Day is held annually on November 8.

FAQs About National STEAM Day

Is there a National STEM Day?

Yes, National STEM Day is just another name for National STEAM Day. The day focuses on educating the public about the impact of STEAM education in society.

What does STEAM stand for in education?

STEAM is an acronym for science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics.

What is the motto of National STEAM Day?

The motto of National STEAM Day states that children are better off with the knowledge achieved through the study of science, math, arts, and engineering.

What are some benefits of celebrating National STEAM Day?

National STEAM Day helps create a fun learning environment where kids can learn about their favorite subjects, be it an art, science, or math class! The day further emphasizes the promotion of science, technology, engineering, art, and math.

What are some events related to National STEAM Day?

Events based on math, art, science, and engineering are often held on National STEAM Day to promote the study of these subjects.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
November 08, 2020 Sunday
November 08, 2021 Monday
November 08, 2022 Tuesday
November 08, 2023 Wednesday
November 08, 2024 Friday

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