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National Submarine Day

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Where is National Submarine Day celebrated?

The United States of America celebrates National Submarine Day on April 11, annually.

Who celebrates National Submarine Day?

National Submarine Day is celebrated by civilian Americans and Naval units. However, various other nations have their submarine force to pay respect to, so they all celebrate National Submarine Day as well, but on different dates.

When did National Submarine Day start?

National Submarine Day was started in 1970 by a bill introduced in the US Senate.

Who started National Submarine Day?

Senator Thomas J. Dodd proposed the bill to celebrate April 11 as National Submarine Day, which the US Senate later passed.

Submarines now are equipped with far more sophisticated features.

History And Timeline

National Submarine Day celebrates the United States Navy, especially the acquisition of the modern submarine Holland VI on April 11. Still, the day had to go through a long journey to reach and claim a special appreciation day for submarines. The creation, launch, and celebration all went through an extended period, which was significant in celebrating National Submarine Day and its history. Holland VI marked a substantial contribution to the future production and improvement of better submarines and warships. So, let's learn more about its journey here.


The USS Alligator Was Created

United States' first owned submarine USS Alligator was created.

April 2, 1863

Sinking Of The USS Alligator

United States Navy lost its first submarine in a vicious storm as it sank in the Atlantic ocean.

April 11, 1900

US government Purchased Holland VI

The United States purchased and launched the commissioned submarine Holland VI, a modern, one of its kind submarine.

November 21, 1910

Holland VI Was Decommissioned

The launched submarine Holland VI was officially decommissioned.

April 11, 1970

National Submarine Day Was Founded

The bill for National Submarine Day was passed, and April 11 was officially recognized as National Submarine Day.

Traditions And Customs

Navy museums and US submarines visitors rise on National Submarine Day as people from all over the region visit to get a glance at history.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National Submarine Day

You can enjoy National Submarine Day by visiting a Navy museum to get a closer look at submarines, their workings, and the history of how this modern marvel offered us what seemed impossible in the past. If you don't have access to a Navy museum, you can go to the sea and have fun with your friends. A boat ride can be all you need for a fun day at sea!

Facts And Stats

The first submarine, created by Mathematician William Bourne, had a weatherproof leather jacket.

The submarine concept came out of ancient fascination, recorded by famous people like Aristotle and Alexander the Great to make a man work underwater.

The first military submarine was built in 1776, called Turtle.

Submarines were widely used during World War I and World War II.

FAQs About National Submarine Day

Why is National Submarine Day celebrated?

National Submarine Day commemorates the USA receiving the first modern commissioned submarine, USS Holland.

Where is National Submarine Day celebrated?

Submarine Day is primarily celebrated in the USA; however, it is a national festival that various nations observe for their naval achievements on various dates.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
April 11, 2020 Saturday
April 11, 2021 Sunday
April 11, 2022 Monday
April 11, 2023 Tuesday
April 11, 2024 Thursday

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