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National Take A Hike Day

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Where is National Take A Hike Day observed?  

The day is celebrated all around the country. The day is celebrated by all local and state parks through hiking events.

Who is National Take A Hike Day celebrated by?

Every citizen of the US celebrates National Take A Hike Day.

When did National Take A Hike Day first start?

There are no official records of when National Take A Hike Day began, but evidence shows it started in 2015.

Who started National Take A Hike Day?

The American Hiking Society started Take a Hike Day to encourage individuals and families to get out into the wild and experience nature.

Take a hike with your partner and share your experience with us.

History And Timeline

Humans' love for hiking began in the early 1800s. Learn all about its history right here.



Early Hiking

Since the 18th century, hiking has steadily grown into a common hobby. In 1819, one of the first manicured hiking trails, Mt. Washington in New Hampshire, was created.

19th century

Love For Hiking

In this century of technological innovations, people loved walking along hiking trails to get a break from a long week of work.


US Recognized Trails

This year, President Lyndon B. Johnson established a national trails program that doubled the number of trails in the US.


First To Reach Mt. Everest

Dick Bass, a mountain hiker, reached Mt. Everest and became the first to reach the highest mountain peaks on all seven continents.

2017 and 2018

History Of Hiking

In hiking history, 2017 and 2018 saw the largest numbers of hikers in the US. There were 47 million hikers in 2018, according to statistics.

Traditions And Customs

November 17 is the best day to hike because some of the most popular hiking spots offer discounts on Take A Hike Day.

If you are all set for a hike (long or short hike), dress comfortably and invest in a good pair of hiking shoes. Then, invite your friends or family, grab your backpack, snacks, layers of clothes, water, a first-aid kit, sunglasses, and an adventurous spirit.

Researchers have shown that hiking has various health benefits; the most well-known benefit is getting your heart pumping while you breathe clean air, and it's a great exercise. So, on this day, make it a tradition to go hiking at least once a year, share hiking experiences, and inform others about its importance.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National Take A Hike Day

You can celebrate National Take a Hike Day by hitting a hiking trail with a bike or a pair of hiking shoes. Don't forget to bring a hiking buddy, and be sure to carry enough food and water. Research whether you'll need animal deterrents, like pepper spray.

A hike can be qualified as a self-care activity to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. If you can't afford a hiking trip, watch a movie or documentary about hiking. Some good suggestions are 'Mile, Mile and a Half' (2013), 'A Walk in the Woods' (2015), and 'Tacks' (2013).

Facts And Stats

  • Hiking can burn 400-550 calories per hour. The US has some of the most popular and longest hiking trails in the world. They are the Appalachian National Scenic Trails and the North Country Trail. Having a nation-specific holiday for hiking is worth celebrating.
  • The national day spreads awareness about the 60,000 mi (96,560 km) of trails in the National Trails System in all 50 states, including national scenic trails and national historic trails.
  • According to the American Hiking Society, by 2060, the world will see the greatest participation in hiking. It looks like this day will be popular for years to come!

FAQs About National Take A Hike Day

Who started National Take A Hike Day?

The day was started by the American Hiking Society.

What is the hardest day hike in America?

Some of the hardest day hikes in America are Maze, Bright Angel Trail, Mist Trail, Kalalau Trail, and Half Dome.

What is the significance of National Take A Hike Day?

The day reminds us that humans are creatures of the wild. So, we must embrace the beauty of nature, fresh air, and pleasant flowers by getting out into nature.

How is National Take A Hike Day different from Adventure Day?

National Take a Hike Day celebrates the beauty of the national trails system. Adventure Day reminds us that any day is a good chance to explore because life is short.

Why do people love National Take A Hike Day?

After a long week of work, we may feel suffocated. National Take A Hike Day is a great opportunity to explore and break free.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
November 17, 2020 Tuesday
November 17, 2021 Wednesday
November 17, 2022 Thursday
November 17, 2023 Friday
November 17, 2024 Sunday

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