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National Tattoo Day

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Where is National Tattoo Day celebrated?

National Tattoo Day is celebrated in the United States.

Who is National Tattoo Day celebrated by?

National Tattoo Day is celebrated by tattoo lovers, tattoo artists, and everyone who has been waiting a long time to get a tattoo.

When did National Tattoo Day start?

The starting date of National Tattoo Day is 2016.

Who started National Tattoo Day?

The information about the person who started National Tattoo Day has not been revealed.

A tattoo artist tattooing on a person's hand

History And Timeline

Tattooing is a historical art form using skin as the canvas. Although National Tattoo Day has been around for some time, the art of making tattoos has been practiced throughout the world from time immemorial.

3250 BCE

61 Tattoos

The body of Otzi, found embedded in the glacier of the Alps, had a total of 61 tattoos.


Keen Interest In Tattoos

Cook's science officer, Sir Joseph Banks, and artist Sydney Parkinson, returned to England with an interest in tattoos. The word 'tattoo' was first mentioned in Joseph's journal.

19th century

Tradition Of Tattooing

During the Ottoman rule, Catholic women got tattooed as a tradition in Herzegovina and Bosnia.


Tattoo Machine

The electric pen, invented by Thomas Alva Edison, paved the way for the invention of the electric tattoo machine.


Sutherland MacDonald

In London, Sutherland MacDonald practiced tattoo making outside of a salon as the first-ever professional tattoo artist.

Traditions And Customs

National Tattoo Day emphasizes tattoo culture, tattoo artists, and the art of making tattoos. People celebrate this day by getting tattoos of all sorts that actually represent their mental state, personality, nature, or character, which has an influence on their appearance.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National Tattoo Day

Celebrate National Tattoo Day by getting a tattoo or getting a new one if you are already tattooed. Spend some money and get a tattoo of the initials of your loved one or somebody you miss a lot with warmth and love. Don't let this day go to waste. Having a tattoo of something that describes your character is a feeling of satisfaction and strength.

Facts And Stats

National Tattoo Day celebrates different forms of art on the human body.

National Tattoo Day celebrations are enjoyed by all the tattoo artists and tattoo lovers across the US.

The details of the founder of National Tattoo Day are unknown.

FAQs About National Tattoo Day

What are some essential things we need to keep in mind while celebrating National Tattoo Day?

The most essential thing that needs to be kept in mind while celebrating National Tattoo Day is that tattooing hurts! You should go to the tattoo artist only if you are mentally and physically prepared.

How can celebrating National Tattoo Day rejuvenate you?

The process of getting a tattoo gives you strength through all the pain. Having a tattoo that reflects your persona is an altogether different feeling of empowerment and rejuvenation.

What are some of the benefits of celebrating National Tattoo Day?

Some of the benefits of celebrating National Tattoo Day include getting your desires, the names of your loved ones, or the ones you admire, permanently inscribed on your skin. Getting a tattoo gives you strength and confidence.

What are some events similar to National Tattoo Day?

World Tattoo Day, Tattoo Festivals, Tattoo Art Events, and others are some of the events similar to National Tattoo Day.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
July 17, 2020 Friday
July 17, 2021 Saturday
July 17, 2022 Sunday
July 17, 2023 Monday
July 17, 2024 Wednesday

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