National Tell A Fairy Tale Day
February 26, 2023

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Every year, National Tell A Fairy Tale Day is celebrated on February 26.

On this day we celebrate the oldest stories, carried from generation to generation by word of mouth. While historical fairy tales carried some sort of lessons or morals, they might not be fit for today's generation, so the stories have evolved and the concepts have transformed.

The person who initiated this ritual is George Rafeedle in 2009, an entrepreneur who understood the involvement of storytelling and the impact it can have on kids. Ever since it first started, this tradition has been going strong, with people enjoying and celebrating it with enthusiasm.

Where is National Tell A Fairy Tale Day celebrated?

National Tell A Fairy Tale Day is celebrated in the United States to celebrate storytelling, the world of fairies and talking animals, and the joy of stories.

Who is National Tell A Fairy Tale Day celebrated by?

American storytellers, listeners, and all kids who love fairy tales and stories celebrate this festival of folklore tales.

When did National Tell A Fairy Tale Day first start?

This day filled with stories was first celebrated on February 26, 2009.

Who started National Tell A Fairy Tale Day?

The ritual of celebrating fairy tales was started by George Rafeedle.

There are many movie adaptations of fairy tales to entertain kids.

History And Timeline


Coining Of The Term 'Fairy Tale.'

Madame d'Aulnoy, a French fiction writer, published her 'Book of Fairy Tales' and was the first person to use this word which, in French, is 'Conte de Fées'.

Early 19th Century

The Grimm Brothers Popularize Fairy Tales

Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm, two German academics, collected stories from German folklore and retold them, popularizing fairy tales.


National Tell A Fairy Tale Day

National Tell A Fairy Tale Day is very new and was started in 2009 by George Rafeedle, who believed that everyone has a story. Telling them helps in understanding other people and gives a way to communicate lessons and entertain at the same time.

Traditions And Customs

Historically, the elders used to tell younger people stories of legends, superheroes, gods, and happenings from their life. They were not only a good source of entertainment but were also a way to transfer history from one generation to the next. Children often find inspiration and knowledge about their ancestors.

Asking kids to narrate their favorite fairy tales of mermaids, princes, witches, gnomes, elves, a magical world, and anything that they can come up with is a way to help boost their confidence. Kids might share their own versions of 'Little Red Riding Hood', stories about a talking animal, a household tale, or anything else; this will all help their development. While oral storytelling has been passed on from generation to generation, reading written fairy tales revolving around different myths and characters, such as the classic princess in distress or 'Goldylocks and The Three Bears' is also very enthralling.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National Tell A Fairy Tale Day

Fairy tales are something that all children like to hear; reading fairy tales sets a path for a habit of reading for kids. Before the 17th century, the stories that were considered fairy tales were very complex and not suitable for kids. They were mainly meant for adults. Earlier fairy tales were those of the community legends, their bravery, and historical episodes, but as time changed, they transformed. As before, the stories were delivered in oral form, so no one can be 100% sure that the stories we read today are exactly the same as they happened. Now, fairy tales are of a genre made especially for kids, involving fantastical characters and how they overcome their fears.

Thus, on this day, one can make these storytellings more fun by building a bonfire or even a small storytelling party.

Asking questions and playing games involving a fairy tale will make sure that the audience is listening carefully and is engaged thoroughly in the story.

Voice modulation can make a great difference. If the storyteller uses different voices for different characters, then the audience will probably enjoy this more and the story will be anything but boring.

Have a fun time with friends and family. While this is a good day for kids to enjoy some fairy tales, adults can also have a good time reminiscing about their childhood days and the stories they read.

Asking kids to dress up or hosting a theme-based event can also be a fun way to celebrate this day.


Facts And Stats

  • National Tell A Fairy Tale Day is celebrated by the citizens of the USA on February 26 every year.
  • 'Cinderella', 'Snow White', 'Rapunzel', and 'Little Red Riding Hood' are a few world-famous fairy tales that some people may read on this day.
  • National Tell A Fairy Tale Day also helps to encourage a habit of reading among children.

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When Is This Day Celebrated


February 26, 2020


February 26, 2021


February 26, 2022


February 26, 2023


February 26, 2024


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