National Tempura Day
January 7, 2023

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Tempura is a delicious dish that originated in southern Japan.

Sushi lovers like to smack on tempura sushi. Fried tempura is served with dipping sauce, with steamed rice bowls served with a sweet and savory sauce, and it usually is served with pickles.

There are different varieties of tempura dishes. Tempura sushi and shrimp tempura are among them. Soba noodles are well-known Japanese noodles with a distinctive greyish brown color. Soba noodles with shrimp tempura and dipping sauce is a delicious combination. Tempura is a good combination of grated daikon radish, a spicy and mildly sweet food. The batter of tempura is made with flour, baking powder, corn starch, club soda, and Kosher salt.

Tempura was initially mostly seen with street vendors. Now, tempura is a popular food not only in Japan but in American restaurants too. Common tempura dishes are onion, mushroom, regular potato, green pepper, shrimp, sweet potato, whitefish, and carrot tempura. Japanese chefs cut each vegetable into thin slices, mix in a light batter, and deep-fry them to create a light and crispy appearance.

Where is National Tempura Day celebrated?

National Tempura Day is celebrated in the United States.

Who is National Tempura Day celebrated by?

Food lovers in the USA celebrate National Tempura Day.

When did National Tempura Day first start?

We have been tasting tempura for about three centuries. Japanese people adopted this method of cooking in the late 16th century.

Who started National Tempura Day?

It is believed that in 1549, Portuguese sailors introduced a way of battering and pan-frying food that is now ingrained into the culture.

Tempura shrimp is a delicious meal and can be taken either as an appetizer or a main course.

History And Timeline

Tempura is a Japanese dish made from seafood and battered or deep-fried vegetables. It derives from the Latin phrase 'Quatuor tempora,' citing its European roots. Let's learn about its history here.


Arrival Of Tempura In Japan

The Portuguese missionaries introduced the first kind of tempura to Japan while observing Lent.


Publication Of Tempura Recipe

The first publication of the modern tempura recipe appeared in a book titled 'Cook Menu.'


Evolution In The Recipe

The style of frying introduced by the Portuguese evolved to fit Japanese cuisine.


New Generation Tempura

Modern chefs cook tempura, with not just fish or vegetables but many other things these days.


Mixing Of The Largest Kakiage Tempura

The Youth League of the Kambara city society of commerce and industry in Japan made the largest mixed tempura.

Traditions And Customs

The original tempura dish was provided during Lent, an annual Christian event. This tempura was prepared using minced meat in a ball shape, fish, and vegetables. In the 1800s, Japanese chefs experimented with frying fish and vegetables together. The classic tempura light batter comprises cake flour, cold water, and eggs, and it is prepared without using bread crumbs.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National Tempura Day

Celebrating Tempura Day is easy and engaging by gathering the ingredients and making some tempura of your own, enjoying the yummy taste, and hosting a party for your family members, friends, or co-workers.

Facts And Stats

Seafood and vegetables are the sole ingredients used in tempura frying.

Tempura batter consists of egg yolk, flour, and sparkling water, sometimes with hot oil or spices added.

Researchers haven't been able to identify the etymology of the word 'tempura', but it might have come from the Latin phrase meaning 'in the time of Lent.'

Traditionally, Tempura was cooked in sesame oil, whereas vegetable and canola oil are more common today.

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