National Texas Day
January 31, 2023

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This day is to recognize the Lone Star State and the history of its people who gained independence.

What keeps it alive is the fierce and struggling fight that gained Texas its independence. National Texas Day was formed on February 1, 1861, through a committee of 59 delegates, each representative of one settlement in Texas.

The committee leaders included George Childress, Edward Conrad, Bailey Hardeman, Colin Mckinney, and James Gaines. This was done on March 1 by President Richard Ellis, and San Antonio was one of the first cities to witness the chartered civil settlement in 1731.

The Texas flag saw six different versions until its independence; which are French 1685 – 1690, Spanish 1690 – 1821, Mexican 1821 –1836, Republic of Texas 1836 – 1845, United States 1845 – 1861, Spanish 1519-1685, confederate states 1861-1865, United States 1865-present.

Where is National Texas Day celebrated?

National Texas Day is celebrated in the USA.

Who is the National Texas Day celebrated by?

People of Mexico who settled in Texas celebrate this day.

When did National Texas Day first start?

National Texas Day first began on February 1, 1861.

Who was the National Texas Day started by?

National Texas Day was formed on February 1, 1861, by the leaders of a committee of delegates. They were George Childress, Edward Conrad, Bailey Hardeman, Colin Mckinney, and James Gaines.

Celebrations for this day are observed at different historic sites in Texas.

History And Timeline

Many legends exist about the Lone Star State warriors and the state's independence from the dictatorship of Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna. The legends echo the name of a mulatto woman Emily West who distracted Santa Anna during the Battle of San Jacinto, which led to the republic's victory.

December 29, 1845

Texas into the Union

On this day, admitted to the union, Texas became the 28th state.


The Texas Revolution

The Texas Revolution started in 1835, and during that period from 1835 to 1836, some of the famous names were James Bowie, Davy Crockett, Sam Houston, and Juan Seguin.

February 23, 1836- March 6, 1836

The Battle of the Alamo

President General Antonio López de Santa Anna led the Mexican troops to reclaim the Alamo Mission near San Antonio de Béxar after a 13-day siege and killed most of the Texians and Tejanos inside.

June 19, 1865

End of Slavery and Civil War

After Gordon Granger, the Major General, declared the end of the civil war and slavery.


Growing Population

The population of Texas was pegged at 29.1 million.

Traditions And Customs

On this day, celebrations are observed across Battleship Texas State Historic Site, LaPorte; Caprock Canyon State Park, Quitaque; Devil's Sinkhole State Natural Area, Rocksprings; Franklin's Mountain State Park,  El Paso; Goose Island State Park, Rockport; and Indian Lodge, Fort Davis.

Ways To Celebrate National Texas Day

Explore new facts about the state and its history.

You can research and explore the hidden treasuries and expansive landscapes.

Share the facts about its fight for independence on social media using hashtags.

Facts And Stats

March 2 is observed as Texas Independence Day, which differs from National Texas Day.

Celebrations of National Texas Day are observed primarily in Texas.

Different events are organized across the state on this day.

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When Is This Day Celebrated


January 31, 2020


January 31, 2021


January 31, 2022


January 31, 2023


January 31, 2024


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