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National Textiles Day

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Where is National Textiles Day celebrated?

National Textiles Day is observed in the United States of America annually.

Who is National Textiles Day celebrated by?

This day is observed by the people of the USA who love fashion and utility.

When did National Textiles Day first start?

This day was started in 2016 and registered by the National Day Calendar as National Textiles Day.

Who started National Textiles Day? 

This day was started by Valley Forge Fabrics, a United States of America company.

Clothing is an everyday necessity; people wear clothes made of woven fibers, which can be natural or synthetic material.

History And Timelines

Let's ponder over more exciting facts about the history and timeline of National Textiles Day.

50,000 BC

First Human-Made Fiber

Twisted fiber dating back to this time has been discovered, indicating it could be a part of clothing, a rug, or a bag of the Ice Age where Neanderthals survived.

5000 BC

Domestication Of Cotton

There are traces of cotton domestication in eastern Sudan near the Middle Nile Basin region.


Flying Shuttle Patented

During the Early Industrial Revolution, a single weaver could weave wider fabrics using automatic looms, patented by English inventor John Kay.


The Spinning Jenny

The first practical spinning frame with multiple spindles was invented by James Hargreaves, who patented it in 1770.


Spinning Mule

The Spinning Mule was introduced to spin cotton and other fibers.


The First American Spinning Mill

Samuel Slater built the first factory in America based on the secrets of textile manufacturing borrowed from England.

Traditions And Customs

Skilled craftsmanship and traditional art workers are part of the fashion industry. They provide specialized expertise in the industry and inspire many designers worldwide. These artisans continue to use their conventional creativity methods and use plant, animal, or synthetic fiber to create their popular traditional designs using natural or human-made fibers.

Ways To Celebrate National Textiles Day

This day can be observed by wearing your new favorite outfit. Be with your family and friends and attend fashion shows or encourage your kids to participate in dress-up shows or dress-making contests conducted at their schools or colleges. 

Facts And Stats

  • Be it the fabric we wear, the rugs we use, the bedding we sleep on, or even the canvases we paint on, everything is a part of the textiles industry, and this day reminds us of its importance.
  • There are several online events on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, which are observed on this day to note the contributions of the textiles industry in our everyday lives.
  • This day is observed to understand how resourceful a fabric can be and how it has played an essential role in boosting the country's economy, making it relevant to businesses, which, in turn, may offer discounts or organize events to celebrate it.

FAQs About National Textiles Day

What are the innovation in textiles before and after National Textiles Day?

Innovation in any industry is a dynamic process and keeps evolving. The latest nanotechnology is now introduced to create scientifically designed clothing with fire resistance, self-cleaning, and water resistance in the textile industry. 

Why do you think National Textiles Day is a meaningful day for the United States?

This day is meaningful for the United States as textiles provide direct and indirect job opportunities for many people and contribute significantly to the apparel industry and rank among the top markets globally.

What consists of 'textiles' on National Textiles Day?

The National Textiles Day is all about textiles which means fabric or goods produced by knitting, weaving, or felting yarn or fiber suitable for weaving. The textile industry is honored for its various contribution to humankind. 

What is the importance of National Textiles Day?

This day is to recognize the tremendous contributions of the textiles industry for providing different types of clothing for all moments of life, including their commitment towards exploring multiple design possibilities in the world of fashionable style.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
March 05, 2020 Thursday
March 05, 2021 Friday
March 05, 2022 Saturday
March 05, 2023 Sunday
March 05, 2024 Tuesday

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