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National Toilet Paper Day

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Where is National Toilet Paper Day celebrated?  

 National Toilet Paper Day is celebrated everywhere in the USA.

Who is National Toilet Paper Day celebrated by?

 Citizens of the USA celebrate National Toilet Paper Day.

When did National Toilet Paper Day first start?

 The first celebration of this can be traced to 2013.

Who started National Toilet Paper Day?

 The creator of this day is not known.

Packaged toilet paper was not made until 1857 in the USA.

History And Timeline

Toilet paper is an important invention. Let's explore the events that led to the invention of the toilet paper roll in the modern world.

6th century

First Use Of Toilet Paper

The first-ever use of toilet paper was recorded in China in the 6th century.


Sold For The First Time

The first commercial packaged toilet paper was sold in the USA by Joseph C. Gayetty.


Sold On The Roll

In 1871, toilet paper was sold for the first time on a roll.


Colored Toilet Paper Loses Its Charm

Once popular, colored toilet paper lost its importance in the US around the 20th century.


Jokes Takes A Wrong Turn

The host of 'The Tonight Show' Johnny Carson was responsible for causing toilet paper shortage scare among the people with one of his jokes.

Traditions And Customs

Since it is a daily necessity, there are no specific traditions and customs related to this day. However, we can learn more about the history of toilet paper and how hygiene practices have evolved. Interestingly, a wet sponge of various materials was used in place of toilet paper roll in ancient Rome.

Ways To Celebrate National Toilet Paper Day

 You can try the popular papercraft, origami with toilet paper on this day. It's a fun way to use toilet paper as you can utilize your time in the bathroom and create some beautiful decor. Try out some different toilet paper. There are distinctive types of toilet paper that include printed toilet paper colored toilet paper. Treat yourself with one of the best toilet papers that are gentle towards your skin and are cheaper.

Facts And Stats

  • On National Toilet Paper Day, an interesting fact to know is Seth Wheeler was the first patent holder of toilet paper.
  • We can pledge to reduce the amount of toilet tissue used today, and an average person uses 100 rolls per year.
  • This day is essential in the USA as the country spends more than $6 billion every year on toilet paper.
  • Another amazing fact to surprise you on this day is that an estimated 70-75% of the world doesn't use toilet paper.
  • A company named Veritiv sells almost half-billion rolls of toilet paper each year, an amount that can stretch from the Earth to the Moon and back to the Earth around 31 times. This fact will definitely roll out of your tongue while celebrating National Toilet Paper Day.
  • One more fact to remember on this day is that the nation that uses most toilet paper in the world also steals toilet paper rolls. 7% of American citizens have revealed that they steal toilet papers in a survey!
  • In 1871, the first-ever toilet paper was sold on August 26, which is why National Toilet Paper Day is celebrated.
  • A strange fact to remember on this day is that Romans used to clean themselves with a wet sea sponge attached to a stick.
  • An amazing fact to reflect on National Toilet Paper Day is that Scott Brothers first popularized toilet paper in late 1890.
  • Joseph C. Gayetty started selling toilet papers with his name printed on each sheet in 1857. That's something amazing to remember on this day!

FAQs About National Toilet Paper Day

Who invented toilet paper?

Joseph Gayetty invented the commercial toilet paper. However, the history of toilet paper can be traced back to 6th century China.

What is the significance of National Toilet Paper Day?

This day promotes awareness regarding the use and impact of toilet paper in our daily lives as it plays an essential role in hygiene.

How is National Toilet Paper Day different from World Toilet Day?

National Toilet Paper Day is celebrated in the USA, and it celebrates toilet paper or tissue, whereas World Toilet Day is celebrated globally, drawing attention to the unequal access to sanitation.

What is the history and origin of National Toilet Paper Day?

The origin of toilet paper can be traced back to the 6th century, when the first toilet paper was used in China. This day is celebrated in the USA because the first-ever toilet paper sold dates to August 26, 1871.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
August 26, 2020 Wednesday
August 26, 2021 Thursday
August 26, 2022 Friday
August 26, 2023 Saturday
August 26, 2024 Monday

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