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National Tortilla Chip Day

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Where is National Tortilla Chip Day celebrated?

It's officially observed in the US, but people from other countries across the world can participate in the celebrations. The US is also one of the primary markets for tortilla chips. Something that initially came about as one of the best foods from Mexico is now a favorite snack across the globe.

Who is National Tortilla Chip Day celebrated by?

People throughout America celebrate National Tortilla Chip Day. Friends and family members get together to celebrate these baked and fried snacks.

When did National Tortilla Chip Day first start?

It's unclear when National Tortilla Chip day first started.

Who started National Tortilla Chip Day?

The exact origins of National Tortilla Chip Day are unknown.

This crunchy triangle pairs well with dips and salsa.

History And Timelines

The annual celebration of National Tortilla Chip day bears quite a number of interesting historical food facts.


Texas Toasted Tortilla Chips

Jose Martinez of San Antonio, Texas invented mass-produced masa (dough), the staple ingredient of tortilla chips. He had tons of masa leftover from his production, which was toasted and cut up to make chips.


Misshapen Tortillas Tort Chips

Rebecca Webb Carranza owned the El Zarape Tortilla factory in LA. She fried the rejected tortillas into triangle chips and served them at a close family party. The chips were so well-liked that she decided to sell them to the public and market them as 'Tort Chips'.


Tortilla Chips Discovery

While traveling through Disneyland, Archibald Clark West stumbled upon seasoned tortilla chips. He decided to introduce the chips to a wider audience. That's when Doritos hit the national market in the US in 1966 and became a sensation.


Golden Tortilla Awardee

Rebecca Carranza was recognized for her contributions to the Mexican food industry and awarded the Golden Tortilla.


Texas Official State Snack

Students of an elementary school reached out to the State Representative at the time about assigning a state snack. Since tortilla chips are a staple of Texas cuisine and tradition, as well as the ideal social food for any occasion, they were recognized as the official snack of Texas.

Traditions And Customs

The national holiday on February 24 is an important celebration in the food industry, especially the Mexican food industry. Families often prepare tortilla chips at home or prepare a delicious plate of nachos topped with beans, guacamole, dip, salsa, and chili.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National Tortilla Chip Day

It's quite easy (and tasty!) to take part in celebrations for National Tortilla Chip Day. You can celebrate by yourself at home with a bag of tortilla chips from your local brand and some dip. You can also choose to host a tortilla chip-themed party, with a variety of tortilla chips and different dips. Invite close friends and family to celebrate this historic and delicious snack.

Facts And Stats

  • Taco John's gave away free small potato Olés to guests who redeem their offer from their app on this day.
  • This day is celebrated to honor the Vice President of Frito-Lay, Archibald Clark-West who discovered flavored tortilla chips while on vacation at Disneyland in 1961. Nachos then hit the national market in 1966.
  • A great way to celebrate this day is to make these salty snacks at home so that you can not only enjoy them but also make a healthier version of them with less starch.

FAQs About National Tortilla Chip Day

Is there a National Tortilla Chip Day?

Yes, it's celebrated on February 24 every year.

What day is National Chips And Salsa Day?

National Chips and Salsa day is celebrated on March 23.

Who invented the tortilla chip?

Rebecca Webb Carranza, the owner of a tortilla factory, is credited with the invention of the tortilla chip. 

What National Day is on February 24?

National Tortilla Chip Day is celebrated on February 24 in the US.

What are some advantages of National Tortilla Chip Day?

As more people celebrate this day, tortilla chip sellers and vendors of other food ingredients (salsa, dip, etc.) are able to make a profit.

How can college kids benefit from celebrating National Tortilla Chip Day?

College kids get to eat as many tortilla chips they want guilt-free on this day. 

Who initially led National Tortilla Chip Day?

No records are found regarding who started this celebration, but it's enjoyed by many!

Who discovered National Tortilla Chip Day?

It's unclear exactly who founded this day.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
February 23, 2020 Sunday
February 23, 2021 Tuesday
February 23, 2022 Wednesday
February 23, 2023 Thursday
February 23, 2024 Friday

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