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National Tourism Day

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Where is National Tourism Day celebrated?

National Tourism Day is celebrated on May 7 in the United States of America as an occasion to recognize and promote the massive tourism industry of the country.

Who is National Tourism Day celebrated by?

Since May 7 is celebrated as the National Tourism Day of America, the annual event is celebrated by Americans.

When did National Tourism Day first start?

The first National Tourism Day was celebrated in America on the recommendation of President Ronald Reagan. He signed a proclamation to urge Americans to observe the first week of May 1983 as the National Travel and Tourism Week. 

Who started National Tourism Day?

The National Tourism Day started as the national travel and tourism week on the recommendation of President Ronald Reagan. He signed a proclamation wherein we urged the citizens of his country to celebrate National Tourism Day to promote tourism and travel.

Embark on a trip with your friends to celebrate National Tourism Day.

History And Timeline

With America being the favorite destination for almost every international tourist, the country never fails to amaze its visitors with its plethora of amusement parks, casinos, historical landmarks and buildings, hotels, museums, art galleries, and recreational spaces, as well as hundreds of national parks, beaches, and mountain trails to choose from. The travel sector in America also has a history of its own worth taking a look at.

Mid 19th century

Tourists that tour

The word 'tour' was first used in the mid 18th century, which ultimately gave a name to those who took part in this activity, the 'tourists.’

Early 19th century

Tourism grows

With the advent of the 19th century, they commenced touring, with the wealthy spending their money and spare time traveling.


The Thomas Cook Group

Probably the oldest tour organizer in the world, the Thomas Cook Company was founded in the year 1841 and still operates as probably the largest travel company in the United States.

Early 20th century

Tourism picked up the pace

With the commencement of the 20th century, tourism grew across the United States as more and more people bought cars and the subsequent development of railways and roadways.


Air travel for tourism

People adopted air travel to travel to their favorite vacation destinations as the middle class became wealthier and the aviation industry expanded on a large scale.


Nation's first tourism week

On the first week of May 1983, President Ronald Reagan urged the citizens to observe the week as a tribute to the country's tourism industry, giving it the name National Travel and Tourism Week.

Traditions And Customs

The travel and tourism industry of the United States serves as one of the highest sources of income for the American economy. The industry is also the second-largest employer in the country as it caters to millions of domestic and international travelers every year. For foreigners, the United States serves as the perfect destination for viewing the best natural wonders, historical landmarks, and places of entertainment in the world.

The European settlers were too busy to travel or take a vacation but still managed to take some time for traveling to relax. In the 18th and 19th centuries, Niagara Falls remained one of the most popular tourist destinations, with several tourist hotspots located throughout the country. With the country's rapid urbanization and overall development, tourism became well established in the United States, with cities such as New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco attracting thousands of tourists worldwide.

Ways To Celebrate National Tourism Day

What better way to celebrate National Tourism Day than planning your weekend outing with your loved ones? For those living near the coast, a local, national park, or a sea resort could be the perfect weekend go-to, especially if you have been craving a few days of relaxation. All you must do is check the browser for the best possible destinations in your vicinity and outline a vacation plan accordingly.

Those who love to stay in the comforts of their own home can learn about the different tourist hotspots spread across the country and make their list of places where they would wish to go. One can also scroll and search for social media and YouTube results to get the best results.

Not only that, if you are lucky enough to live in a tourist destination, you can involve yourself in the methods of how the process of tourism works and what you can do to promote as well as protect the heritage and cultural sites that are located in your vicinity.

The most productive way to spend National Tourism Day would be to sponsor events that raise awareness of the tourism industry and the challenges that those who rely on it face. One can also promote the exquisite locations in his area that are relatively unknown and deserve recognition. This could help in boosting the local economy of the region.

Facts And Stats

  • National Tourism Day is celebrated on May 7 every year in the United States of America to pay tribute to the country's flourishing tourism and travel industry.
  • Interestingly, the occasion is not limited to a single day, but an entire week of May dedicated to this occasion.
  • The first week of May is celebrated as National Travel and Tourism Week across the United States to recognize the value of tourism and travel in the country. Professionals in the field and ordinary people gather to celebrate the economic importance of tourism.

FAQs About National Tourism Day

What should we do on National Tourism Day?

As citizens of a country celebrating its national tourism day, we can learn about the various tourist hotspots and historical eminence locations. We can also spread awareness about the importance of tourism and why we need to preserve our heritage and cultural sites. 

When was the first National Tourism Day?

The first national tourism day in America was observed in the first week of May 1983.

Why is National Tourism Day celebrated?

National Tourism Day is celebrated as a tribute to the tourism industry and the people who work tirelessly to run it fluently. The day also helps people acknowledge the importance of tourism and tourist destinations.

Who started National Tourism Day?

National Tourism Day was started by President Ronald Reagan in 1983.

What is the importance of National Tourism Day?

The national tourism day commemorates the magnificence of the country's tourism industry and helps people acquire knowledge about the renowned tourist hotspots that glorify their nation.

In which countries do they celebrate National Tourism Day?

National Tourism Day is celebrated in the US and several other countries such as India, China, and Canada. However, these celebrations are observed on different days.

How do people celebrate National Tourism Day?

People celebrate National Tourism Day either by exploring the tourist hotspots located in their vicinity, while some like to explore and acquire knowledge about the same from the comforts of their homes.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
May 07, 2020 Thursday
May 07, 2021 Friday
May 07, 2022 Saturday
May 07, 2023 Sunday
May 07, 2024 Tuesday

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