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National Tuxedo Day

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Where is National Tuxedo Day celebrated?

National Tuxedo Day is celebrated in the USA.

Who is National Tuxedo Day celebrated by?

National Tuxedo Day can be celebrated by any American who wants to do it.

When did National Tuxedo Day first start?

It is unknown which year the first National Tuxedo Day was initially celebrated.

Who started National Tuxedo Day?

It is unknown who started National Tuxedo Day and when the event was first celebrated.

National Tuxedo Day is observed and dedicated to the famous garment worn for formal events.

History And Timeline

Let's read about the history of the tuxedo.



Origin Of Dinner Jacket

King Edward VII, the Prince of Wales, is known to have started the trend of dinner jackets in Britain.


Introduction To Americans

Tuxedos were first introduced in America in 1886. They were influenced by Europeans.


Regained Popularity

Tuxedos had become significantly less popular (for obvious reasons) during World War One. But, during the '30s, they made a comeback and once again became the most preferred evening wear.


Tuxedo's Disco Makeover

The '70s were the age of disco, which gave rise to the demand for wild-colored tuxes; these came in various shades of blue, pink, green, yellow, and orange. They also featured different patterns and textures.


Back To Black

When the hype over disco calmed down during the '80s, tuxedos featuring black and blue looks were back in style, which continued for the next two decades.

Traditions And Customs

There is no traditional way to celebrate this day. People generally try to create their own tuxedo appearance. 

Ways To Celebrate National Tuxedo Day

You can share a picture of yourself in a tux on a social media platform or read about the history of tuxedos and the evolution of their style since their origin. You can also participate in an educational seminar or event dedicated to learning about the tux's history.

Facts And Stats

  • This event, observed in October, is intended to honor the classy and elegant appearance of America's favorite formal wear item. They spend millions on renting and buying tuxes each year.
  • October 10 is all about dressing up; it's National Tuxedo Day and also National Handbag Day.
  • Tuxedo enthusiasts observe this day. Some people are such big fans of the garment that some unique tuxes are even known to sell for over $100,000!

FAQs About National Tuxedo Day

What is the significance of National Tuxedo Day?

National Tuxedo Day is observed as an event annually with the aim of celebrating this garment that has been a significant part of American history, having been worn by some of the greatest men in history.

How is National Tuxedo Day different from International Suit Up Day?

The former is a national event on October 10; the latter is an international event on October 13.

When is National Tuxedo Day?

National Tuxedo Day is on October 10.

What is the history and origin of National Tuxedo Day?

It is unknown who started National Tuxedo Day.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
October 10, 2020 Saturday
October 10, 2021 Sunday
October 10, 2022 Monday
October 10, 2023 Tuesday
October 10, 2024 Thursday

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