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National Twin Day

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Where is National Twin Day celebrated?

Twins in the USA celebrate National Twin Day, thus enjoying the uniqueness of each twin on December 18.

Who is National Twin Day celebrated by?

 This day is celebrated by twins all across the world.

When did National Twin Day first start?

National Twin Day is celebrated on December 18 every year as declared by the National Day Calendar.

Who was National Twin Day started by?

National Twin Day was first initiated by the citizens of Twinsburg, a town in the USA. It was based on a concept created by Diersing Sage Hiller and Ari Hiller.

National Twin Day celebrations are now celebrated across the world.

History and Timeline

You will find examples of twins throughout mythology, as well as the Bible. From the competitiveness of the sons of Jacob, to Aphrodite’s twin sons Phobos and Deimos, twins have always been a part of popular culture, including the mortal and immortal twins of the constellation, Gemini.


Moses and Aaron Wilcox

Moses and Aaron Wilcox, a pair of identical twins, were born.


An Annual Festival

An annual festival was hosted at Twinsburg in 1976 for twins, which is what National Twins Day was first based on.


First National Twin Day

The first National Twin Day was celebrated by the grateful town of Twinsburg to honor their favorite twins.


New Traditions

The festival became cause for the creation of new traditions, such as the wearing of identical dresses. Such traditions continue on to date.


Multiple Registrations

For this edition, 1,140 sets of twins were registered. This included participants from Nigeria, Australia, India, Brazil, Germany, Japan, and various other countries.

Traditions and Customs

Twins interact with each other while they are two babies in the womb. Did you know that twins enjoy what's called twin memory? On this day, events are held in Twinsburg town in the USA. Twins from across the world head to this town to take part in the celebrations of National Twin Day. Twins can have different patterns to their personality, but their unique bonding helps them guess the other's unspoken words even before they are said. Twins are also known to create their own language that only they can understand; this is known as cryptophasia. This day celebrates this unique aspect as well.

Ways to Celebrate National Twin Day

Spend time with your twin or any twin you are friends with. Learn about the different things that they have learned about being twins.

You can also post pictures with your twin on social media using the relevant hashtags. If you do not have a twin, then you can also post pictures of your friends or family members who have twin siblings.

Another fun way to celebrate this day is by watching 'The Big Bang Theory' to check out its hilarious identical twin siblings, Sheldon Cooper and Missy Cooper.

Literature has embraced twin duplicity with great enthusiasm. You can read stories and novels focused on biological twins.

Facts and Stats

National Twin Day is celebrated every year on December 18 when twins from across the world head to the U.S. for celebrations.

National Twin Day was declared by The National Day Calendar in 2019.

Twins from all countries, along with their loved ones, celebrate this day by enjoying the uniqueness of each twin on this day.

FAQs About National Twin Day

What day is National Twin Day?

National Twin Day is celebrated every year on December 18 as declared by The National Day Calendar.

What is the motto of National Twin Day?

National Twin Day is a day to celebrate the special bond between twins, whether identical (monozygotic) or fraternal (dizygotic). This day aims to create awareness across the world on the different phenomena that twins experience during their lives.

What are some reasons for celebrating National Twin Day?

Twins are siblings who share the same parents and the same birthday. On December 18, this day is aimed at celebrating their bond.

Who inspired National Twin Day?

In 1819, Moses and Aaron Wilcox, a pair of identical twins, were the inspiration for National Twin Day. The story behind this includes a town in Ohio named Millersville that was changed to Twinsburg in exchange for the donation of six acres of land to Millersville.

What are some events related to National Twin Day?

If you have one, you can celebrate with your twin by spending time doing fun activities and posting pictures on social media. Different community events are held in Twinsburg town, so you can participate in these events as well where you can meet other identical and fraternal twins.

When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
December 17, 2020 Thursday
December 17, 2021 Friday
December 17, 2022 Saturday
December 17, 2023 Sunday
December 17, 2024 Tuesday

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