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National Typewriter Day

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Where is National Typewriter Day celebrated?  

National Typewriter Day is celebrated globally.

Who is National Typewriter Day celebrated by?

 National Typewriter Day is celebrated by typewriter enthusiasts all over the world.

When did National Typewriter Day first start?

It is unknown when National Typewriter Day first started.

Who started National Typewriter Day?

It is unknown who started National Typewriter Day.

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History And Timeline

Like any other invention, inventing the practical typewriter took a lot of effort and insight. Many people worked on inventing the typewriter. Many typewriters were invented, but many of them were not practical for writing. In 1873 commercial typewriters were made, and by 1890 manual typewriters became common in offices, and were used by professional writers and poets. Even in this modern era, this vintage writing device is here to stay despite all the advanced computers and technology.


The Scrittura Tattile

An Italian printmaker named Francesco Rampazetto invented the machine named Scrittura Tattile to print letters on papers.


Agostino Fantoni Developed A Typewriter

In the year of 1802, Agostino Fantino developed a typewriter to help his blind sister write.


Charles Thurber

Charles Thurber invented the typing machine to help blind people with communication. He had many patents for his inventions.


Patent Rights To Christopher Latham Sholes

Christopher Latham Sholes invented the first practical typewriter machine and got patent rights in the year 1868 for his typewriter. His typewriter is the first one to be commercialized. His typewriter could only type uppercase letters.


The Commercial Typewriter

In 1874, the first commercial typewriter was made. By the mid-1880s, typewriters became necessary for offices, professional writers, and used for business correspondence.

Traditions And Customs

Typewriter enthusiasts across the world honor this day by avoiding using their phone or computer (or any other modern device) on National Typewriter Day. Instead, typing letters to send to their loved ones through post or mail, or participating in typewriting contests where whoever types with the least number of errors and fastest wins. People who own classic typewriters explain the device on Facebook or other social media platforms, wear typewriter shaped jewelry, explore the collection of typewriters, or simply sit and type letters on their typewriter.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National Typewriter Day

Here are some ways to celebrate National Typewriter Day; wear typewriter-shaped jewelry, try using a typewriter to write some words for your loved ones, type your favorite quote or poem or participate in a typewriting contest. Other ideas include buying poems or books which were written by typewriters. Learn about typewriting from books or buy a typewriter and practice typewriting and enjoy the sound of keys and style of writing typewriter provides.

Facts And Stats

  • Many celebrities across the world enjoy showing their typewriters to everyone on National Typewriter Day.
  • Many people have a passion for collecting vintage typewriters. On National Typewriter Day, explore some of the amazing collections of the typewriter.
  • National Typewriter Day is the anniversary of the day when the typewriter invented by Christopher Latham Sholes was patented in 1868.

FAQs About National Typewriter Day

Who invented the typewriter, and in what year?

Christopher Sholes invented the first typewriter in 1868.

When was the last time a typewriter was used?

Some people still use typewriters instead of modern technology to get away from distractions for a while.

Who invented the concept of National Typewriter Day?

It is unknown who invented the concept of National Typewriter Day, but this was the day when the typewriter got patented in 1868.

What are some reasons for celebrating National Typewriter Day?

Reasons for celebrating National Typewriter Day are to honor its legacy and promote typewriters.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
June 23, 2020 Tuesday
June 23, 2021 Wednesday
June 23, 2022 Thursday
June 23, 2023 Friday
June 23, 2024 Sunday

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