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National Umbrella Day

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Where is National Umbrella Day celebrated?  

 National Umbrella Day is celebrated worldwide.

Who is National Umbrella Day celebrated by?

 National Umbrella Day is celebrated in February by people around the world.

When did National Umbrella Day first start?

 National Umbrella Day first started in the year 2004.

Who started National Umbrella Day?

 It is unknown who started the first National Umbrella Day.

Umbrellas are also used as a fashion accessory.

History And Timeline

The 18th century witnessed the advent of umbrellas, and they became a fashion accessory for women. However, in the 19th century, umbrellas became a household item because of their usefulness. According to records, Jonas Hanway was the first European to carry an umbrella, and China is the largest producer of umbrellas. Umbrellas also transitioned into parasols designed to provide shade from sunlight and not rain. National Umbrella Day has been established to honor this great invention of an umbrella that protects us from natural elements like sunlight and rain. Some fashionistas swear by designer umbrellas that have given their designer attires exquisite appeal and allure.

21 AD

Ancient Umbrella

In 21 AD, the first umbrella was found in ancient China. It was a collapsible type of umbrella used during this era.


The Pioneer Of Umbrellas

The first umbrella shop was established in 1830. It was known as James Smith & Sons, a popular sign on 53 New Oxford Street in London.


Pocket Umbrella

Hans Haupt sold purse-friendly umbrellas that became very popular among the masses. These umbrellas were handy, fun, and easy to carry while on the go.


The Mary Poppins Umbrella

Umbrellas auditioned for their first break on the silver screen with Mary Poppins. With this movie, the world focussed on the umbrellas as more than just a useful device, and they became a desirable fashion accessory.


Umbrella Fashioned Into A Hat

From as early as the 1880s to as recent as 1987, umbrellas were turned into fashionable hats.

 Traditions And Customs

 National Umbrella Day is celebrated around the world with an umbrella.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National Umbrella Day

 You can innovate ideas to celebrate National Umbrella Day. Carry an umbrella around with you in February. Or bask on a beach with a beach umbrella in February, with a mocktail drink with a small umbrella hooked to the rim of the glass. This sounds like fun on holiday! If you don't have an umbrella, buy one in February.

Facts And Stats

  • In the US, 33 million umbrellas are sold each year and make a revenue of $348 million each year. People who own beautiful umbrellas flaunt them on National Umbrella Day.
  • China is the largest manufacturer of umbrellas, which is why this day is celebrated in China.
  • People celebrate this day by using the hashtag #NationalUmbrellaDay.

FAQs About National Umbrella Day

What day is National Umbrella Day?

National Umbrella Day is on February 10.

Why is National Umbrella Day celebrated?

National Umbrella Day is celebrated to honor the humble umbrella, protecting us from sun and rain.

When did National Umbrella Day begin?

National Umbrella Day was first celebrated in 2004.

Who encouraged the celebration of National Umbrella Day?

It's a mystery to pinpoint who exactly started National Umbrella Day.

Who invented the concept of National Umbrella Day?

It is unknown who invented the concept of National Umbrella Day.

What are some important facts about National Umbrella Day?

Important facts about National Umbrella Day are that umbrellas are used to protect sunlight and rain. Today, China is the largest manufacturer of umbrellas.

What are some events similar to National Umbrella Day?

Some similar events to National Umbrella Day include Opening An Umbrella Indoors Day, which is seen as bad luck in many cultures.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
February 10, 2020 Monday
February 10, 2021 Wednesday
February 10, 2022 Thursday
February 10, 2023 Friday
February 10, 2024 Saturday

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