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National Violin Day

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Where is National Violin Day celebrated?  

 National Violin Day is celebrated globally as the violin is loved all over the world. However, it is mainly celebrated in the US.

Who is National Violin Day celebrated by?

 National Violin Day is celebrated by violinists and music lovers.

When did National Violin Day first start?

 The theory behind the origin of National Violin Day remains unknown; however, it is celebrated on December 13 every year.

Who started National Violin Day?

The evolution of the violin began in the 16th century in Italy, when Amati and Stradivari enhanced the features of this instrument of strings. However, who started this day of celebration remains unclear.

Participating in violin lessons is the best way to celebrate National Violin Day.

History And Timeline

The exact origin of the first Violin Day remains unknown. Though of ancient origins, the 17th violin evolved as an essential instrument in an orchestra. One of the first documented violin creators was Andrea Amati. Amati assembled the most ancient violin in 1560. Perhaps the most renowned violin designer in history, Antonio Stradivari, started creating violins in 1666.



The First Violin.

The first four-stringed fiddle was made by Amati.


Louis XIII Created A Royal Orchestra

The orchestra of Kings 24 raised the standard of the fiddle and gave it a much-needed boost in popularity.


Ben Lee sets a record.

Ben Lee, a British violinist, became the fastest to play the Flight of the Bumblebee, within a minute.


Lady Blunt Costliest Auction

The authentic Lady Blunt made by Stradivarius in 1721 fetched $15 million by a Japanese fundraiser.

December 13, Unknown Year

National Violin Day

Violin day is celebrated on December 13 every year but the origin of the date remains unknown.

Traditions And Customs

 People organize music concerts in which the violin or fiddle is the main instrument to mark the significance of this day. Enthusiasts who play the violin are also encouraged to show their talent on this day.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National Violin Day

Starting violin lessons is perhaps the best way to celebrate. This day is the best day to play or listen to violin music. Attending a concert where the instrument of strings is played is also an ideal way to observe this day.

Facts And Stats

  • Violin Day is celebrated to mark and reflect on the versatility of the music industry. Violin is considered one of the most versatile instruments of the music industry.
  • This day also emphasizes the cultural and musical contributions of the violin in the world of music and how it has enhanced various genres of music.
  • One out of every 100 people in the US plays the violin, which means in a population of 250 million people, 250,000 people play the violin. This is the reason behind National Violin Day being popular amongst the citizens of America.

FAQs About National Violin Day

What are some requirements to celebrate National Violin Day?

An orchestra of violins can be played by talented musicians and a gathering of people can enjoy the performance on this day.

What is the importance of celebrating National Violin Day?

Violin Day is celebrated to honor the versatility of this string instrument.

What are some events similar to National Violin Day?

World Fiddle Day is a similar day in the month of May.

How does celebrating National Violin Day support musicians?

Musicians have played and displayed the versatility of this stringed instrument in distinct genres such as folk music, classical, baroque music, jazz music, classical, and soft rock music.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
December 12, 2020 Saturday
December 12, 2021 Sunday
December 12, 2022 Monday
December 12, 2023 Tuesday
December 12, 2024 Thursday

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