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National Waffle Day

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Where is National Waffle Day celebrated?

The National Waffle Day is notable in the United States since it is the celebration of the first waffle iron patent.

Who is National Waffle Day celebrated by?

It's a day when everyone is united for their love for waffles; therefore, anybody living in the United States or outside the United States can enjoy this day. Anyone can celebrate this day by making and eating waffles at home or outside.

When did National Waffle Day first start?

It started when Cornelius Swarthout received the patent on August 24, 1869. After that, to honor this invention each year, this day is observed in the United States.

Who started National Waffle Day?

Waffles existed even before it got its own day of celebration. Nonetheless, it was after 1869 it got permanent recognition. However, the exact person who started this day is not known.

Waffles are one of the most delicious dishes of all time.

History And Timelines

It has been documented that the waffle iron originated in the 14th century. However, it was in 1869 when this day got recognition in America.


Coining Of The Term ‘Waffle’

It was in 1725 when the word ‘waffle’ was initially introduced in the English language when it was printed in ‘Court Cookery’ and rapidly spread across Europe and America.


First Patent

In 1969, Cornelius Swarthout received the first patent for the waffle iron in Troy, New York.


Invention Of Electric Waffle Maker

General Electric formulated an exemplar of the electric waffle iron in 1911 and began its production in 1918.


Frozen Waffle

1953 marks the year when the first-ever frozen waffles were introduced. They were called Eggo waffles, and the credit for this goes to Frank Dorsa.


Introduction Of Belgian Waffle

When waffles were first introduced to the trade fair in Seattle in 1962, they did not manage to impress the public as they were sold as Brussels waffles. However, from 1964 the same dish began gaining popularity after its name was changed to Belgian waffle.

Traditions And Customs

Waffle Day in the United States can be contemplated as a food celebration unofficial holiday. There is no rigid traditions or customs to enjoy this day. Nevertheless, you can explore different types of waffles for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. There are other waffles that you can explore, from Belgian waffles to frozen waffles, and many more.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National Waffle Day

If you love waffles, then what can be a better day than this one to try all your favorites, including waffles with fried chicken or the traditional way with whipped cream, fresh berries, butter, icing sugar, jam, cream cheese, and syrup.

If you are up for some cooking, then prepare some waffle batter and cook it up for yourself or the family.

You can visit some of the iconic waffle outlets such as the Waffle House, Wafels & Dinges, Waffle Champions, and more.

Facts And Stats

  • Several local stores on this day provide waffles for free to their customers. Big brands like Dolly Llama offer discounted prices or prizes for their customers.
  • Several different waffle houses like Dolly Llama sell waffles for $5 only with toppings and other items like sandwiches and pancakes at special discounted prices to celebrate this day.
  • Many brands also use the day to introduce new flavors of waffles that they think will appeal to their customers.
  • In many European countries, particularly in Sweden, a version of this American national calendar day is commemorated on March 25 as ‘Our Lady’s Day.’

FAQs About National Waffle Day

Why is International Waffle Day celebrated?

International Waffle Day is celebrated on March 25, particularly in Europe, as an auspicious event to celebrate the conception of the Virgin Mary. This day is also called ‘Our Lady’s Day.’

Is the Waffle House open on Christmas day?

Yes, Waffle House is open on Christmas day. However, it can be busier than usual days.

How does celebrating National Waffle Day rejuvenate?

Celebrating National Waffle Day can be rejuvenating as you get to explore many different kinds of waffles such as the potato waffle, waffle with icing sugar, and various others.

How is National Waffle Day different from National Chips Day?

National Chips Day marks the celebration of potato chips, while National Waffle Day marks the celebration of waffles.

What are some advantages of National Waffle Day?

National Waffle Day brings people together over their love for waffles. People also get to learn about the history behind this day.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
August 23, 2020 Sunday
August 23, 2021 Monday
August 23, 2022 Tuesday
August 23, 2023 Wednesday
August 23, 2024 Friday

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