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National Water A Flower Day

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National Water a Flower Day is celebrated on May 30 of every year.

This annual event is a reminder to nurture nature and cherish the beauty of your favorite flower. Flowers add colors, fragrance, beauty, and wellness to our life.

Watering flowers is a daily job, so why do we need a day to mark this day? Well, this is for those who are too entangled to cherish such small thrills. Gardening is a therapeutic job. It does not just add beauty to our gardens, but seeing the plants in full bloom and reconnecting with nature is a great way to beat stress. In addition to this, it is always good to appreciate the fragrance, beauty, and medicinal uses of beautiful flowers. Gardening is not just pouring water on plants; it includes nurturing the damp soil, watering pot, and planting seeds.

Where is National Water A Flower Day celebrated?

Although it is a part of the national calendar of the US, people also observe it in other countries of the world.

Who celebrates National Water A Flower Day?

Everyone observes this day to ensure they take good care of their garden. Proper care helps plant species and flowers to blossom well, produces seeds, increases the richness of the soil, and more.

When did National Water A Flower Day start?

It is unclear where this day was first observed.

Who started National Water A Flower Day?

The creator of this day is unknown to date.

Learn how to grow roses in your garden.

History And Timeline

The tradition of watering plants has been practiced for centuries. Here are some of the significant events in the history of this day.

50-70 AD.

Dioscorides' Five Volume Encyclopedia

A Greek botanist, Pedanius Dioscorides, has written and compiled a five-volume encyclopedia. It is named 'De Materia Medica,' a popular plant book.

10th Century

Greek Mixtures With Islamic Remedies

Ibn Sina, a Persian physician, combines Galen's and Dioscoride's research with Islamic herbal traditions, which helped in effectively treating people.


Plant Combination With Paracelsus' Chemical

Paracelsus, also known as Philippus Theophrastus von Hohenheim, used plants and flowers with chemicals to find medicinal properties. It led to the invention of pharmaceutical medicines and toxicology.

Late 1500s

Herbal Use Of Flowers

A Scottish healer, Agnes Sampson, has used herbal medicines to relieve childbirth pain.

Over 1500 years ago

Celebration Of National Water A Flower day

'De Materia Medica' stresses that it is essential to take care of plants by watering them from time to time. This event is observed on May 30 every year to spread awareness on the importance of appreciating plants.

Traditions And Customs

It is an age-old tradition to take care of flowers by watering the soil, de-weeding them, and nourishing them with fertilizers. Since ancient times, man has been living very closely with nature, and over time, we have discovered the many benefits behind its beauty.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National Water A Flower Day

Bring home a new pot and take care of it. Make sure to place the pot in a place where it gets enough sun rays. You can also gift a flower pot to a plant lover or post your picture with flowers on social media and tell the world more about this day.

Facts And Stats

  • Apart from the aesthetic, cosmetic, and reproductive benefits of flowers, nurturing flowers alleviates anxiety and combat depression. Thus, celebrating this day is an excellent way to spread mental health awareness which is a plaguing issue the world is fighting with.
  • Herbal medicines made from flowers are very effective, and their popularity is spreading across the world. This national holiday is an excellent day to tell the next generation about the benefits of herbal medicines.
  • The ideal time to water your plants is in the morning, between 6 a.m. -10 a.m. Learn more such scientific facts about taking care of plants on this day.

FAQs About National Water A Flower Day

Do you water a flower every day?

Watering can be done regularly depending on the need of the plant. Water requirement also depends on the climate. If the sun is shining bright, watering can be done twice a day.

Who started National Water A Flower Day?

There is no information regarding who started this day first. 

When is National Water A Flower Day?

It is observed on May 30 every year. 

What is the significance of National Water A Flower Day?

The significance of this day is a yearly reminder to celebrate plants. You should appreciate their fragrant blossoms, magnificent colors, medicinal advantages. 

How do people celebrate National Water A Flower Day?

This day is observed by gifting plants or flowers to your loved ones, watering potted plants, and more. 

Why do people celebrate National Water A Flower Day?

This day appreciates the medicine, fruit, and other things that flowers give us. 

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
May 29, 2020 Friday
May 29, 2021 Saturday
May 29, 2022 Sunday
May 29, 2023 Monday
May 29, 2024 Wednesday

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