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National Watermelon Day

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Where is National Watermelon Day celebrated?  

National Watermelon Day is celebrated in the USA to honor the refreshingly sweet fruit loved by all, watermelon.

Who is National Watermelon Day celebrated by?

 People of all ages love eating watermelons during summer. It is one of the most popular fruits served at a summer picnic or a refreshing treat on a hot day. Everyone can celebrate this fun holiday.

When did National Watermelon Day first start?

Watermelon cultivation dates back to 2000 BC, and people have been eating this juicy fruit ever since then. This national holiday is listed in the national day calendar, though research is still ongoing to find the origin of this day.

Who started National Watermelon Day?

The creator of this national holiday is still unknown. However, it is a popular day in the USA, and many people celebrate it.

Watermelon is the official state vegetable of Oklahoma.

History And Timeline

This soft and juicy fruit has traveled the world for thousands of years before ending up on our plates. Let's read about the history of watermelons.


Traditions And Customs

Watermelons come in all shapes and sizes, and no summer picnic is complete without digging into a slice of ripe sugary watermelon. It is a berry with dark green rind with yellow stripes or spots. The fruit has a fleshy interior and is mostly red or pink. Orange, yellow, or white watermelons are also grown on farms.

Watermelon eating and seed spitting competitions are held across the USA on this holiday. In Japan, seed spitting is known as 'Suikawari' and is a popular tradition. Players are blindfolded in this game and asked to hit open a melon with a stick. Choosing the correct ripe watermelon is another popular tradition. Many people consider this to be an art form and learn the tricks of picking up a ripe watermelon on this day.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National Watermelon Day

 Celebrate this day by visiting a local farmer's market and picking up a watermelon of your choice. Slice it open and eat with your family. You can add watermelon to various recipes like a fruit salad, a smoothie, and desserts. You can also host a fun seed spitting contest for your friends and decorate the area with watermelon carvings. Carve them like pumpkins, as they belong to the same gourd family, or get creative by making innovative watermelon sculptures. Lastly, distribute lots of watermelon-flavored candies for the kids in the neighborhood! If you love to eat watermelon, then you will definitely love celebrating this day every year.

Facts And Stats

  • 300 types of watermelon are grown in the USA and are widely consumed by everyone. No wonder this holiday is so popular in the country!
  • Watermelon seed-spitting contests are held on this day. The record distance is 75 ft (23 m) by Jason Schayot.
  • The holiday is celebrated on August 3 because the best watermelons are cultivated between May and September.
  • Every part of the watermelon, including the rind, is edible and has great nutritional value. Research says that watermelon may have some properties that could help in treating cancer.

FAQs About National Watermelon Day

Why do we celebrate National Watermelon Day?

The day is celebrated to recognize the importance of watermelons, a very tasty fruit loved by everyone. 

What is the significance of National Watermelon Day?

Watermelons are sweet and tasty. So these fruits deserve a day of their own!

How is National Watermelon Day different from National Pumpkin Day?

The former day recognizes the sweet and refreshing fruit watermelon, while the latter celebrates the importance of pumpkin in our diet. 

Why do people love National Watermelon Day?

Watermelons are juicy and one of summer's most refreshing fruit. People love eating it, and so the day is loved by everyone. 

How healthy are watermelons?

Watermelons are very healthy as they contain 92% water. This fruit is also rich in antioxidants and amino acids essential to the body. 

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
August 02, 2020 Sunday
August 02, 2021 Monday
August 02, 2022 Tuesday
August 02, 2023 Wednesday
August 02, 2024 Friday

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