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National Wedding Planning Day

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Where is National Wedding Planning Day celebrated?  

 The National Wedding Planning Day is celebrated in the United States of America.

Who is National Wedding Planning Day celebrated by?

It is celebrated by all the engaged couples, and 'The Knot,' a famous wedding company. This is also a day every wedding planner can celebrate.

When did National Wedding Planning Day first start?

National Wedding Planning Day started in 2017. This is a day for engaged couples to get inspired and start their wedding planning journey.

Who started National Wedding Planning Day?

 In 2017, a bridal firm named The Knot started this holiday.

The Knot started this day to encourage more engaged couples to plan their wedding.

History And Timeline

Weddings are one of mankind's most joyous festivities, with customs varying by country. The Knot declared March 1 the official start of wedding planning season and the end of proposal season in 2017. This day coincides with the end of the 'proposal season.' According to earlier research, about 40% of all proposals happen between November and February. Whether couples are in the middle of planning their wedding or just getting started, March 1 marks the beginning of the time when many are ready to get serious about making wedding selections. The Knot makes the entire wedding-planning process easier, and that was their purpose for creating the event.


Popularity Of The Traditional Wedding Dress

The idea of a white wedding gown was popularized by Queen Victoria after her marriage. 


Bride Chorus Is Composed

Richard Wagner composed the Bridal Chorus ('Here Comes The Bride') from the opera 'Lohengrin.'


Men Also Started To Wear Rings

In the United States, the custom of males wearing wedding rings gained popularity.


Wedding Of An Influential Couple

The wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana popularized white weddings even more.


The Start Of National Wedding Planning Day

The Knot introduced National Wedding Planning Day in 2017 to inspire those engaged to plan their wedding day as soon as possible.

Traditions And Customs

On this day of March 1, as a custom, you may start booking a wedding planner, write down the to-do list, write invitations, plan party gifts, reception arrangements, and more. You may also contact The Knot on their website; they can help you plan well and clear any doubts with regard to wedding plans.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National Wedding Planning Day

You may observe this day by following The Knot on Instagram (@theknot) to commemorate National Wedding Planning Day 2022.

Sitting with family and friends and the start of preparations for the wedding is the best way to celebrate this day.

Facts And Stats

National Wedding Planning Day is set aside for couples to be inspired as they plan their wedding.

Facebook Live-a-Thons, prizes, exclusive member incentives, and more have all been part of previous Knot celebrations on this day.

On National Wedding Planning Day, gather ideas, contact a wedding planner, and start planning!

FAQs About National Wedding Planning Day

What is the importance of celebrating National Wedding Planning Day?

National Wedding Planning Day marks the end of proposal season and the start of a new chapter in the lives of newly engaged couples. This day marks the official start of the wedding season, and this day is intended to inspire couples and get them started on their wedding planning adventure.

What are some reasons for celebrating National Wedding Planning Day?

Millions of people marry every year, but due to the stress of arranging the event, many scramble together nuptials at the last minute or don't even make it to the wedding day. Whether couples are already planning their weddings or are just getting started, March 1 marks the beginning of the time when many are ready to get serious about making wedding selections.

To start planning events is essential to make any celebration a success. Venue selection, creating the guest list, invitations, gifts, groom and brides' dressing for the wedding, reception, and other events all are part of wedding planning, and this can be started on this special day. You may use the help of any wedding planner or The Knot for tips and FAQs.

What are some requirements in order to celebrate National Wedding Planning Day?

Any party or event needs planning, and a wedding celebration planning requires budget, theme, invitations, a wedding planner, gift ideas, shopping, and whatnot. On this day, you may also need a browser to visit and log in to any website like 'The Knot' for suggestions and FAQs to plan the big day.

Why are families so excited about National Wedding Planning Day?

Wedding itself is a joyous celebration. Families are usually excited to celebrate this day, as it would be the start of the wedding planning.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
February 29, 2020 Saturday
February 28, 2021 Sunday
February 28, 2022 Monday
February 28, 2023 Tuesday
February 29, 2024 Thursday

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