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National Wig Out Day

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Where is National Wig Out Day observed?

National Wig Out Day is observed all over the United States. The day allows everyone to not only be the big boss for the day, but also to flaunt their less-than-serious side, and accomplish it all while treating others with fundamental decency. International Wig Day is celebrated on the March 10, every year.  

Who is National Wig Out Day observed by?

National Wig Day is observed mostly by the people of the United States of America. On this day, Americans dress up in their goofiest wigs and hold fundraising parties to raise money for various charities.

When did National Wig Out Day first start?

National Wig Out Day first started in the year 2006. 

Who started the National Wig Out Day?

National Wig Out Day was created by sisters Kate and Alice Clark who had the wish to have a little fun while experimenting with their hairstyle and appearance. They asked their friends to experiment with their appearance by wearing a wig leading to the celebration of this event.

History And Timeline

This day has been created for a person to wear different wigs without any worries.

Wigs are a great addition to our looks. For people who are suffering from baldness, wigs are the ultimate rescue, but wigs are also a choice for people with hair or those who are facing natural hair loss to make them look even better.

17th Century

Social Importance Of Wigs

Wigs were used to define social standing by 17th-century aristocrats.

18th Century

European Wig Culture

Europeans used wigs to hide baldness caused by different ailments.

20th Century

Popularity Of Wigs

Wigs became unpopular in fashion.


National Wig Out Day

National Wig Out Day started being celebrated by sisters Alice and Kate Clark.


The Viral Selfie

Patty Sharkey launched National Big Wig Day in 2016!

Tradition And Customs

The day is traditionally observed by wearing wigs, being goofy, having fun, and also raising funds for charities. Different events are organized to raise funds for different charities across the US. Awareness events regarding different aspects of hair loss are also organized on National Wig Day.

Ways To Observe National Wig Out Day

National Wig Out Day is a day to celebrate a fun day with your friends and co-workers. As a part of the celebration, you must wear different styles of wigs to a party on this day. Do not miss out on on some funny pictures and sharing them on the fourth Friday of May with your friends. Celebrations of this Wig Day are observed across the US, so you can also attend any event being organized in your vicinity on this day.

Facts And Stats

National Wig Out Day started being celebrated in the year 2006 and has been since celebrated every year.

National Wig Out Day is not a federal holiday in the US but different events are organized to commemorate this national day.

National Wig Out Day was founded by sisters Kate and Alice Clark.

FAQs About National Wig Out Day

Why are wigs worn today?

People wear wigs for different reasons like hiding baldness or flaunting a new hairstyle.

Why did the British wear wigs?

British started wearing wigs in the 17th century to hide baldness which was regarded as a symptom of syphilis.

What are some scientific significance of National Wig Out Day?

There is no scientific significance of this day as it is a fun holiday to wear different styles of wigs to have some fun.

Why do people celebrate National Wig Out Day?

People celebrate this day to have some fun with friends at a party. Though, many individuals wear wigs on this day to raise money for charity as well.

What are some steps to celebrate National Wig Out Day?

You just need to wear a wig that you think looks funny and attend a party to celebrate National Wig Out Day.

Why it is uncommon to celebrate National Wig Out Day?

It is uncommon to celebrate this day as most people like to celebrate International Wig Day instead.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
May 22, 2020 Friday
May 28, 2021 Friday
May 27, 2022 Friday
May 26, 2023 Friday
May 24, 2024 Friday

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