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National Wildlife Day

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Where is National Wildlife Day celebrated?

National Wildlife Day is primarily observed in the United States of America, where it celebrates the importance of conservation efforts to preserve endangered animals.  

Who is National Wildlife Day celebrated by?

 Wildlife enthusiasts celebrate National Wildlife Day to make a stand for animals who need a voice.

When did National Wildlife Day first start?

The day was first held in 2005 on September 4 to bring attention to wild fauna and forest species of animals undergoing severe biodiversity loss due to climate change. This day is celebrated annually on September 4 to spread awareness regarding the need for animal conservation and preservation of fauna.  

Who started National Wildlife Day?

This wonderful day was started by Collen Paige, a widely known philanthropist.

There is an express need for each of us to educate  ourselves about environmental conservation.

History And Timeline

The continued extinction of species, habitats, and ecosystems endangers all life on Earth, especially humanity. People worldwide rely on animal and bio-diversity resources to support their basic needs, including food, fuel, medications, housing, and clothes. This day is observed to recognize the urgency for preserving wildlife and their habitat.


First National Park

Yellowstone became the world's first National park granting it elevated status as a conservatory and acknowledging the need for dedicated forest habitats to preserve untouched life.


Environmentalist Movement Originates

Silent Spring, a documentary by an American scientist, throws light on the large-scale effects of pesticides and artificial chemicals on the ecosystem.


Endangered Species Act

The United States President Nixon passed an essential law in animal conservation that protects a vulnerable or endangered group of animal species.


Founding Of The Day

The National Wildlife day was founded by Colleen Paige, an animal behaviorist, and well-respected philanthropist, out of a grounded concern for animals and the environment.


Honoring The Wildlife Warrior

Steve Irwin was a wildlife expert and environmentalist. Since his demise on September 4, the day has been added to National Wildlife Day, which is now celebrated on two days.

Traditions And Customs

National Wildlife Day motivates wildlife enthusiasts to make a stand for animals who need a voice, to tour their local zoo, and to donate as much as they can to influence the existence of our canine companions. You can choose to visit a national park to see the unfiltered beauty that nature has to offer, be mindful of the guidelines of the conservatory and help maintain its untouched beauty.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National Wildlife Day

You can contribute to the preservation efforts that this day celebrates by reading up on wildlife conservation efforts and how you can contribute to this noble cause. You can also watch a Steve Irwin clip and enjoy vivid commentary by this beloved expert and pay your respects.

Facts And Stats

  • The creator of the National Wildlife Day is Colleen Paige, a popular environmentalist, and philanthropist.
  • The day is now celebrated on September 4 and February 22 to mark Steve Irwin's birth anniversary.
  • The first celebration of National Wildlife Day was held in 2005.

FAQs About National Wildlife Day

What day is National Wildlife Day?

Wildlife Day is a commemoration of the ongoing conservation efforts for endangered species of animals and threatened species living in forested areas.

Why is National Wildlife Day celebrated?

Wildlife Day helps spread awareness towards preserving ecological balance and habitats that are central to humankind and the planet.

What is the importance of National Wildlife Day?

This day aims to educate the general populace on the urgency of conserving animals and ecosystems that are central to cultural identities and indigenous communities.

What is special about National Wildlife Day?

This day is specially dedicated to conservating plants and animals in isolated habitats such as forests and forested areas.

What is the history & origin of National Wildlife Day?

The origin of this day dates back to 2005 when a nature conservationist established it.

How does National Wildlife Day Promote animal conservation?

This day promotes the conservation of animals by educating the citizens, particularly the young, about the urgency of keeping our environment intact and the carefully managed resources and forests that sustain several wildlife species.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
September 03, 2020 Thursday
September 03, 2021 Friday
September 03, 2022 Saturday
September 03, 2023 Sunday
September 03, 2024 Tuesday

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