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Oak Apple Day

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Where is Oak Apple Day celebrated? 

 Oak Apple Day is celebrated in England.

Who is Oak Apple Day celebrated by?

Oak Apple Day was initially celebrated by the people who supported the start of the monarchy in England. At present, it is celebrated as an observance day.

When did Oak Apple Day first start?

The first Oak Apple Day was celebrated in 1661.

Who started Oak Apple Day?

Oak Apple Day was started by the follower of King Charles to celebrate his accession to the throne.

Oak apple bunch hanging on tree

History And Timeline

The Oak Apple Day has an active history behind its origin. Learn about the history of the Royal Oak Day before celebrating the next one on May 29.


Start Of The Civil War

The English Civil War started between the Royalists led by Charles I and parliamentarians led by Oliver Cromwell.


Royalists Defeated

Cromwell parliamentary forces defeated the royalists in the Battle of Naseby.


Charles I Defeated

The parliamentarians under Cromwell's leadership caught and executed Charles I. He declared England as a republic named Commonwealth.


Charles II Defeats The Parliamentarians

Charles II was crowned as the king of England and Ireland on May 29, 1660.


Modern-Day Celebration

The Oak apple Day in 2021 was celebrated near the former home of Charles II at Windsor Castle in Eton Wick.

Traditions And Customs

There was a tradition of wearing an oak sprig on Oak Apple Day. Those who did not wear the sprig of oak were set upon. In some places, the day was also known as Shick Shack Day since oak apples were called shick shacks. There was a tradition of ringing the church bells at six am on this day in Upton Grey.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate Oak Apple Day

Royal Oak Day is still celebrated by decorating the house of the Royal family with oak branches. In the Cornish Village, a procession led by the vicar takes place. The vicar is followed by the Town Captain who holds the new oak bough and marches with everyone to the church tower. The oak boughs are replaced every year with a new one.

Facts And Stats

  • The Royal Chelsea Hospital celebrated Royal Oak Day as its Founders Day.
  • People are often seen wearing the Sprig of oak on this day.
  • Children would pinch the bottom of one another if they saw someone not wearing the sprig of oak on this day. The name pinch-bum became popular from this practice.

FAQs About Oak Apple Day

What day is Oak Apple Day?

Oak Apple Day or Restoration Day was a former public holiday in England observed every year on May 29. 

Why is it called Oak Apple Day?

Oak Apple Day is celebrated on the birthday of King Charles II. During the Battle of Worcester, the king hid in an oak tree of Boscobel House which eventually saved his life. The supporters of Charles II started celebrating his accession to the throne as the Oak Apple Day in memory of the Boscobel Oak incident. 

What is the significance of Oak Apple Day?

The Oak Apple day commemorates the restoration of the English Monarchy in England. It is the day on which King Charles II assumed the throne of Great Britain and Ireland and coincidentally, May 29 is also the king's birthday.

Who started Oak Apple Day?

The Oak Apple Day was started by the followers of King Charles. They started to celebrate the king's accession to the throne annually on May 29. 

How do people celebrate Oak Apple Day?

At present, the Oak Apple Day celebration mostly includes re-enactment activities of the historical events in different places.

What is the History & Origins of Oak Apple Day?

Oak Apple Day is a former public holiday in England which was started by the followers of the monarchy after Charles II sat on the throne of Britain and Ireland in 1660. The day is still celebrated in some parts of the country. 

When was Oak Apple Day in 2021?

Oak Apple Day is celebrated on May 29 every year. In 2021, the day fell on a Saturday. 

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
May 29, 2020 Friday
May 29, 2021 Saturday
May 29, 2022 Sunday
May 29, 2023 Monday
May 29, 2024 Wednesday

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