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Pan American Aviation Day

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Where is Pan American Aviation Day celebrated?  

 Pan American Aviation Day is honored by the president of the United States. Moreover, this day is used by the president to make an annual proclamation summoning all US government officials, chief executive offices, and citizens to celebrate Pan American Aviation Day. The day aims to spark people's interest in aviation in American countries. 

Who is Pan American Aviation Day celebrated by?

Pan American Aviation Day came into existence on December 17, 1940. On this day, it was affirmed that the president would annually issue a manifesto and invite government officials and citizens to join in so that the aforementioned goals of the day may be accomplished. 

When did Pan American Aviation Day first start?

 This US day was the result of a joint resolution that was issued in 1940 on October 10. President Franklin Roosevelt announced Proclamation 2446, where he addressed the recent civil aviation developments and perks to the hemisphere and stamped December 17 as Pan American Aviation Day for that year as well as for every consecutive year.

Who started Pan American Aviation Day?

 Pan American Aviation Day was made official by the United States Congress on October 10, 1940. This day is hosted by the president, and he encourages the government, governors, and citizens to celebrate Pan American Aviation Day.

A perfect gift to present an aviation officer may be a model plane.

A perfect gift to present an aviation officer may be a model plane.

History And Timeline

Now that you know a bit about Pan American Aviation Day, scroll through this timeline to learn some history and facts related to this day.


Ancient Flying Device

In 1796, an ancient flying device was constructed. It was named the hot air balloon. It can be seen in a Vienna museum.


Wright Brothers Day

Mechanically propelled and heavier-than-air flight was first accomplished on December 17, 1903, by the Wright brothers close to Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.


Forty Minutes Experiment

The Wright brothers built an airplane that could hang in the air for almost forty minutes.

Traditions And Customs

The invention of the Wright Brothers and companies, including the Pan American World Airways, offered developments in the aviation industry. This promoted the west as a leader in aviation innovation. The public holiday was designated by President Franklin Roosevelt. 

The celebration includes an aviation banquet. It is succeded by the presentation of the Collier Trophy, which is awarded by the National Aeronautic Association every consecutive year.

This day celebrates two pioneers of the aviation industry: Orville and Wilbur Wright. 

Stamps commemorating Pan-American Aviation Day have also been sold on Pan American Aviation Day.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate Pan American Aviation Day 

Activities on this day can include a school trip to aviation museums or classroom exercises.

Encourage students by teaching them about history and technological advancements.

 Organize a special meet or luncheon about aviation. The theme of the day revolves around the Wright Brothers. 

The series of celebrations include telecasting motion pictures, the presentation of the Collier Trophy (originally by President Franklin Roosevelt), an aviation banquet, and broadcasts by military officials. 

Facts And Stats

  •  Pan American Aviation Day day is a double celebration as Wright Brothers Day falls on the same day, which took the limelight afterward and tends to cloud Pan American Aviation Day.
  • Pan American Aviation Day is a celebratory day but not a public holiday in the USA.
  • This event is marked as a milestone in the development of aeronautics.

FAQs About Pan American Aviation Day

What is the significance of Pan American Aviation Day?

This day highlights the importance of aviation and the history behind its success in the western hemisphere.

Is Pan American Aviation Day a public holiday?

This day is observed as a ceremony of encouraging people towards aviation but not a holiday in the US.

When was Pan American Aviation Day first observed?

It was first observed on December 17, 1940, by President Roosevelt, America.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
December 17, 2020 Thursday
December 17, 2021 Friday
December 17, 2022 Saturday
December 17, 2023 Sunday
December 17, 2024 Tuesday

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