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Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

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Where is Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day observed?

The official Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day is observed annually in the United States on December 7. However, many other countries also commemorate the attack with events and ceremonies.

Who is Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day observed by?

Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day is observed by everyone in America.

When did Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day first start?

Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day was observed for the first time in 1962.

Who started Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day?

On December 7, 1994, Bill Clinton issued the proclamation that declared the first-ever Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day.

A non-profit Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum was founded in 1999.

History And Timelines

Pearl Harbor Day is not declared a federal holiday, meaning businesses, government offices, and schools do not close.


Japanese Attack And Invasion Of China

China gets attacked from the north by the Japanese military personnel.


Start Of World War II

During the beginning of World War II, America was not initially involved.

December 7, 1941

Beginning Of The Attack

Several Japanese planes started bombing for more than two hours. Four of the United States navy battleships sunk, damaging four more.

August, 1945

Atomic Bombs

World War II ended with American troops bombing Japan.


Pearl Harbor Commemorative Medal

Congress incorporated the Pearl Harbor Commemorative Medal in 1990.

Traditions And Customs

Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day is an important event in American history and has several traditions and customs associated with it. These include a National Memorial Service at the USS Arizona Memorial in Hawaii, as well as smaller local ceremonies held across America. In addition, there are often reenactments of the attack itself, museum exhibits, and other special events.

Ways To Observe Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

You can find a local organization that sends care packages, like notes of appreciation, canned treats, phone cards, and grooming needs. You can get your civic or church organization to help you. Families with their wives and husbands overseas often struggle with loneliness and expenses. You can help by dropping off some food, giving a gas card, or simply being there for them.

You can attend the memorial service with your family and learn more about the history of the Pearl Harbor attack in various museums. You can also refer to documentaries and books for more details and teach someone else too.

Facts And Stats

  • The USS Utah Memorial is a memorial to commemorate the 58 crew of the battleship who died on the battleship, on the northwest shore of Ford Island, and close to the ship's wreck. USS Utah sank in 1941, and all these tragic events are remembered on this day.
  • The USS Utah and USS Arizona were declared as National Historic landmarks and also included in the national register of historic places in 1989, and later became a symbol for this day.
  • The ship that sunk with 429 men is honored with the USS Oklahoma Memorial, and more places are annually visited by American people on Pearl Harbor Day.

FAQs About Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

Do the Japanese celebrate Pearl Harbor Day?

There is no official commemoration of Pearl Harbor in Japan, as Japan regards the attack as a military operation instead of an act of war. However, there are several events and ceremonies held in America to remember Pearl Harbor.

How many died on Pearl Harbor Day?

Over 2000 people died on Pearl Harbor Day as a result of the surprise military strike.

Why was Pearl Harbor attacked?

The reason for the attack is still debated today, but it's generally believed that the Japanese were attempting to prevent America from entering the war.

How many civilians died in Pearl Harbor?

Over 2000 deaths were reported at Pearl Harbor as a result of the surprise military strike, 68 of whom were civilians.

Is Pearl Harbor a true story?

Yes, the story of Pearl Harbor is based on true events.

Who encouraged the beginning of Pearl Harbor Day?

Bill Clinton formally announced the introduction of Pearl Harbor Day.

What are some advantages of observing Pearl Harbor Day?

Some advantages of observing Pearl Harbor Day is a better understanding of the events that led up to Pearl Harbor and World War II and the importance of remembrance for future generations. In addition, commemorating Pearl Harbor helps to keep the memory of those who died are Pearl Harbor alive.

What is the motto of Pearl Harbor Day?

The motto of Pearl Harbor Day is 'Remember Pearl Harbor.'

Who invented the concept of Pearl Harbor Day?

Bill Clinton invented the concept of Pearl Harbor Day.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
December 07, 2020 Monday
December 07, 2021 Tuesday
December 07, 2022 Wednesday
December 07, 2023 Thursday
December 07, 2024 Saturday

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