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Pioneer Day

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Where is Pioneer Day celebrated?

Pioneer Day is celebrated in the Utah Salt Lake Valley and other parts of the Mormon faith.

Who is Pioneer Day celebrated by?

Pioneer Day is celebrated by everyone in Utah and around.

When did Pioneer Day first start?

Pioneer day first started in 1847, the same year that Mormon pioneers arrived in Salt Lake City.

Who started Pioneer Day?

Pioneer Day was started by the Mormon pioneers who arrived in Salt Lake City in 1847. These settlers were fleeing religious persecution and had traveled for months by wagon train to reach this new land.

It is believed by the Mormons that the president of the Latter-day Saints church is one of the prophets of God.

History And Timelines

The Mormons settled in Utah territory after days of traveling and religious persecution. Joseph Smith, their proper, was murdered by a mob a few years earlier. So, most Mormons fled Illinois to find a peaceful place. Learn more about the history of pioneers with these timelines.


Joseph Smith Murdered

While in a prison cell, Joseph Smith was murdered by a mob.


Arrival In Utah

The second president of Latter-day Saints or LDS church, Brigham Young leads his followers into Utah.


First Mormon Celebration

Mormons celebrate the first pioneer day close to the future Mormon church.


Statehood Of Utah

Utah is recognized as a state, the 45th state of the United States.


Mourning Theme

The celebration had a mourning theme and the Salt Lake Tabernacle was decorated in black.

Traditions And Customs

The parade is the most awaited event of the day. It starts at 11 AM at the temple square and has bands, floats, vintage cars, and more. The Mayor's proclamation ceremony happens right after the parade. There are also fireworks that evening at various locations around the valley such as South Jordan City Park, Riverton City Park, and the Thanksgiving Point Golf Course.

Some of the other places where you can enjoy the day at Heritage Park, Fort Douglas, and This Is The Place, Heritage Park. There will be music and dancing performances as well as exhibits on display for everyone to see. You can also learn about how the pioneers lived their lives and what they went through while crossing the plains. Some common foods eaten on Pioneer Day include barbecued meats, potato salad, and peach pie.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate Pioneer Day

Most people would spend their day eating picnics with their friends and families. There would be food booths that sell traditional pioneer food, such as peach pies, ice cream, roasted corn, and more. You can also enjoy some activities like bounce houses, games, and more for the kids while you're there.

You can attend events happening near you in celebration of the pioneers. You can attend the parades. Another way to celebrate is by going to a museum. There are many museums in the area that have exhibits on this religious holiday. You can also learn about how the pioneers lived their lives and what they went through while crossing the plains.

Facts And Stats

  • Pioneer Day is observed in Utah every year on Juky 24.
  • This day was first started in the year 1847 by Mormon pioneers.
  • On this day, Mormons celebrate the history of pioneers who traveled and settled in the region around Utah.

FAQs About Pioneer Day

Is Pioneer Day only in Utah?

No, people outside Utah also celebrate.

Is Pioneer Day a Public Holiday?

Yes, Pioneer Day is a public holiday in Utah salt lake valley. This means that most businesses are closed and people have the day off to celebrate with their friends and family.

What are some events related to pioneer day?

Some events related to Pioneer Day are parades, gatherings in the church and more.

What is the motto of pioneer day?

The motto of Pioneer Day is 'Celebrating our Heritage, Preserving our Future'. This celebrates the heritage of the arrival of the Mormons to Utah, Salt Lake Valley and also preserves the future by teaching about their lives and what they went through.

What are some reasons for celebrating pioneer day?

There are many reasons for celebrating Pioneer Day. One reason is to commemorate the Mormon pioneers that came to Utah salt lake valley in 1847. They were able to establish a thriving community and build up the state into what it is today. Another reason is to celebrate the traditions and customs of the pioneer day.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
July 24, 2020 Friday
July 24, 2021 Saturday
July 24, 2022 Sunday
July 24, 2023 Monday
July 24, 2024 Wednesday

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